A. Onorato

I am a Newbie investor who has been researching the best strategy to get started to build my portfolio. As soon as I learned about Turnkey Properties, I began looking to absorb as much as I could because I believe it’s a perfect way for me to get my 1st property under my belt. It […]


Ali was very instrumental in providing much needed advice at the last minute. I was in the process of closing on a deal that had some foundation issues. Along with that, I was at a crossroad of how to proceed with my long term goals. I am grateful that she took the time to help […]

Shane A.

Ali is a breath of fresh air in the real estate investor market.  She is not another BRRRR lemming giving the same advice.  In fact, Ali’s advice actually works and is helpful if you want to achieve passive income.  With the BRRRR method there is a lot of risk.  With Ali’s Turnkey method there is […]

Jae Shin

I ran across a forum post written by Ali which I thought was very informative while I was studying how to start investing in real estate and reach out to her for an initial consultation. She is an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. coach and mentor, listening to my needs and providing timely advice and connecting me with the […]

Pamela Egan

I am a huge fan of Ali Boone’s! I have watched her videos, read her book and have spoken to her a few times about turnkey rentals. She is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the real estate investment industry. So, when I heard that she was doing group coaching to help investors, I immediately signed […]

Tanveer Ahmed

Ali is an exceptional coach/mentor. She went through in detail about the turnkey process, what to expect from the market, and how to achieve them. Most of the questions I had were already explained in her YouTube videos which saved my time and pocket. The thing I really liked about her during our conversation and […]


After almost a year of reading, researching, investigating, etc., and finally deciding to invest in turnkey residential real estate, I contacted Ali when I knew I was about 90% ready to act. Ali’s coaching helped solidify my decision and within several months I closed on my first turnkey SFR. The property is now cashflowing above […]


Coaching Ali’s 1-on-1 guidance offers a simple, approachable way to begin your real estate investing career. Learn More What We Offer Feel like real estate investing is a big task to take on solo? While real estate investing can be complex, you don’t have to tackle it alone. Ali’s personalized coaching is designed to give […]

Turnkey Coaching

Turnkey Coaching Get total support for every aspect of turnkey real estate investing, due diligence, and long-term management. Schedule Now Your Guide to Turnkey Properties Who Needs It Those who know they want to invest in turnkeys but aren’t sure on the process or how to get started Anyone trying to figure out which turnkey […]