I am a Newbie investor who has been researching the best strategy to get started to build my portfolio. As soon as I learned about Turnkey Properties, I began looking to absorb as much as I could because I believe it’s a perfect way for me to get my 1st property under my belt. It was immediately apparent to me that Ali is the authority on all things Turnkey and so I reached out right away. She got back to me almost instantly and her excitement, enthusiasm and energy to help brand new investors like me was contagious. I signed right up for her 1:1 coaching and right out of the gate – she helped validate my ideas, boost my confidence and now I have a resource to help “hold my hand” as I begin this exciting journey. I can already see we are going to work really well together and I am SO grateful to BiggerPockets for creating the forum where I could meet and partner with Ali. Can’t wait to see where this goes!