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For Real Estate Investing.

Hipster Philosophy

Make It Simple

Don’t let the fear of investing prevent you from reaching your dreams! We strive to make real estate investing accessible to those of all knowledge levels and ambitions, with 1-on-1 coaching and personalized strategies that demystify, untangle, and simplify the wild world of investing.

Learn To Invest

New to investing? No problem! Our resources and support services are made for investors of all skill levels, from experienced buyers to those just starting out.


1-on-1 coaching with Ali gives you everything you’ll need to break into the real estate investment market with confidence.

Available Rental Properties

Ready to get started? Hipster’s properties represent some of the best turnkey listings in the U.S. and give buyers a secure, smooth way to begin their investment journey.

Engineer to Investor

Ali’s Story

Hi! I’m Ali Boone, a real estate investment coach, published author, and entrepreneur. Like many of you, my story began in a much different place than where I ended up. My ups and downs across a variety of industries has given me unique insight into real estate investing markets, and now, I’m ready to share those insights with you.

Building confidence

What Hipster Can Offer

Hipster provides everything you need to enter the world of real estate investing with confidence. All clients receive personalized support that covers everything from buying properties to individual strategy planning. Plus, Hipster has an amazing community that would love to welcome you to it! We do group events and property tours, as well as on-going communication to help everyone reach their next level. Let Hipster take your real estate investing to the next level!

Video Gallery

What’s the quickest way to success in real estate investing? Learning from those who came before you! Listen to Ali share her personal wisdom on best practices, must-know tips, and industry insider knowledge you won’t find anywhere else.

From Rookie
to Expert

Let’s kickstart your investing journey with a free beginner’s guide: 7 Rookie Real Estate Investing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them!

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