Make It Simple

Untangle the world of real estate investing with a professional partner to guide you.

Hipster Philosophy

The world of real estate investing can be complicated, particularly for those just starting out. In our view, there are just two things you need to beocme a successful investor: knowledge and confidence.

Our goal is to instill each client with the confidence, industry insights, and skills necessary to succeed in investing, no matter what level of expertise you bring.

What is Hipster Investments

noun. hip·​ster : a person who is unusually aware of and interested in new and unconventional patterns.

Is this possible in real estate investing? Absolutely. While the strategies and technicalities may not be new or unconventional, there are certainly new and unconventional mindsets available to those seeking success as an investor. And Hipster delivers that.

Hipster Investments is the brainchild of Ali Boone, a professional real estate investor, successful entrepreneur, and published author.

Why Hipster

At Hipster, we don’t tell you to wholesale or flip properties. We also don’t try to sell you anything. Instead, we listen. We listen to your goals, your challenges, and your desires. Then we come up with a solution uniquely tailored to you. Our solutions are simple. Whether it be simple properties to invest in, or tailoring a simple action plan towards your goals in getting started, we’ve got you covered.


From Rookie
to Expert

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