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Popular FAQs

Everyone starts somewhere! The best thing you can do is to dive in headfirst and get all the education you can get your hands on. One of the things that get people in the most trouble early on is choosing a strategy that “feels right” rather than taking the time to learn more about all of the options and finding the strategy that is the best fit for them.

And as if that weren’t bad enough, people tend to overcommit to strategies they’re unfamiliar with and pull the trigger properties they don’t know how to operate successfully. Both of these issues can be solved with just a little education.

Take the time to sit down, open some books, troll through some websites, and find out not only what the best strategy for you will be but how to set yourself up so that you’ll be as successful as you can be with it (and not lose your shirt!).

One of the best ways to get started as an investor is to let Ali’s book help you: [NOT Your How-To Guide to Real Estate Investing: Life Lessons on Hacking Your Mind Before You Hack Your Wallet] This book will give you step-by-step instructions for how to get started as an investor while providing critical education and some fun laughs along the way.

That’s a great question! The best way to figure out which investing strategy might be the best fit for you is with a little exploration focused on two things: (1) Learning more about the real estate investing industry as a whole, and (2) Learning more about each strategy within real estate investing and yourself.

You can learn about the strategy options all day long, but if you don’t take into consideration your strengths, interests, and resources, you could end up making a strategy selection that proves to be more challenging than it needs to be.

We can’t tell you what strategy is right for you, but we can help you figure it out!

Check out Ali’s book [NOT Your How-To Guide to Real Estate Investing: Life Lessons on Hacking Your Mind Before You Hack Your Wallet], a guide that provides exact information about the real estate investing industry, possible strategies, and how to get in touch with your strengths so that you can put it all together and select the perfect strategy for your needs.

Not that into reading books, or do you want to figure it out faster? [Book a coaching call] with Ali and let her help you figure it out!

Absolutely. Aside from our free online resources, Ali has written extensively on real estate investing to help investors like you take your skills to the next level. We’d recommend the following:

  • Not Your How-To Guide To Real Estate Investing
  • Turnkey Rental Properties
  • Due Diligence: Turnkey Rental Properties

We’d also suggest checking out BiggerPockets, where Ali is regularly featured as a guest contributor on some of the industry’s biggest podcasts. These resources offer a vital competitive edge over others who try to invest without them!

So much! But the good news is that it’s simple when you know what you’re looking for. If you can answer the following questions, you’ll be in an amazing position to excel as an investor:

  • What makes someone successful with your chosen strategy, and what makes someone unsuccessful?
  • How do you specifically plan to profit from your investment property?
  • How do you run the numbers on an investment property?
  • What are the specific risks and challenges within your specific strategy?
  • What are mitigations for those risk points?
  • What are your options should if something goes wrong, whether it be a fix to a problem to an exit strategy?

It will take some time to learn the answers to all those questions, but at least you know what information you’re looking for now! If you learn about these things, and you’re willing to learn from your mistakes as you go along (this is an on-the-job training industry!), you’re going to be miles ahead of most investors getting started.

It’s never too early, and in fact, the earlier the better! Why waste time spinning your wheels (or reinventing any wheels) if you can jump onto a more direct path towards accomplishing what you’re wanting to achieve as an investor?

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself! Book a coaching call with Ali and give it a try and see how much faster you can leap towards your goals.

Absolutely! Guru seminars often get a bad rap. Sure, they can be a weekend full of sales pitches, but in no way does that mean that the information presented in between sales pitches can’t be what makes your investing career a success.

With that said, we do believe there are smart ways to navigate the guru seminars. The first step, of course, is to make sure the “guru” is legit! After verifying that the guru/seminar is legit, [check out this video] that explains some easy ways to get the most bang for your buck!

If it makes you feel better, feeling overwhelmed is the most common frustration for new investors trying to get started! We recommend three things to help with overwhelm:

  1. Take a deep breath, relax, take another deep breath, and remember your excitement about learning how to invest.
  2. [Watch this video] where Ali gives step-by-step instructions on how to lessen the feeling of overwhelm so you can get back on track moving forward.
  3. Schedule a coaching call with Ali so she can not only help decrease your feelings of overwhelm, but also give you specific steps to follow to get you moving on the most simple and productive path possible to help you get where you’re trying to go!

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