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Need more help than what Hipster can offer? We got you! We're happy to share Ali’s personal network of real estate professionals so you can feel confident that you're covered for any unique challenges you may run into during your investing journey.

Graham Parham, Conventional Mortgage Loans

Specializing in conventional mortgages for turnkey rental property investors, Graham is one of our most solid go-to lenders we recommend. He’s beyond familiar with turnkeys, offers an exceptional lending experience to investors, and is very investor-oriented so he can be a tremendous asset to anyone working with him.

Matt Goodwin, Conventional Mortgage Loans

The best terms you can get for real estate financing is through the use of conventional mortgages. These are the Fannie Mae/Freddy Mac federal mortgages. And once you decide to use one of those loans for your real estate investment property, then you need a good rate on the loan! We know no one better for good customer service plus the lowest fees for mortgages than Matt. Matt can loan in all 50 states.

Jared Newman, Hard Money and Long-Term Rental Loans

If you’re looking for financing on any type of investment property, then reach out to Jared for the right funding solution. Whether you are seeking a hard money loan to close quickly or a long-term loan for a rental property (non-QM and DSCR), Jared will provide a strong financing option to compete for your business!

Zach Edelman, Portfolio Loans, LLC Loans, and DSCR Loans

Don’t qualify for a conventional mortgage? There are still financing options! Real estate investing is all about creative financing, and who you have on your team to help you is pivotal to your success. Zach can give you terms, loan options, and work 1-on-1 with you to get you exactly the financing you need.
Contact us directly for an introduction to Zach!

Scott Saunders, 1031 Exchanges

Some of the greatest financial advantages real estate investments have are through tax benefits. One of these benefits is through 1031 Exchanges, which allow you to sell a property and avoid capital gains tax. You have to work with a 1031 intermediary to do this, and we are here to tell you that no one knows 1031s better than Scott!

SparkRental, Landlord Tools & Co-Investing Opportunities

SparkRental offers free classes and tools for real estate investors, ranging from property management software to property calculators to interactive real estate market maps. You can compare investment property lenders, and they also manage a real estate investment club featuring monthly deals for fractional ownership at $5K apiece.

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