After almost a year of reading, researching, investigating, etc., and finally deciding to invest in turnkey residential real estate, I contacted Ali when I knew I was about 90% ready to act. Ali’s coaching helped solidify my decision and within several months I closed on my first turnkey SFR. The property is now cashflowing above pre-purchase pro formas. There are lot of knowledgeable RE coaches out there, but I chose to consult with Ali as I found her sincere, authentic and transparent. I also admire her intellect and analytical approach to problem solving. Following the coaching session, Ali consulted with me gratis during the offer and negotiating process and helped me stay the course despite a couple glitches that might have otherwise prompted me to walk away. If you’re a new RE investor and need an objective perspective to guide you in the buying process I can’t recommend Ali enough. I continue to follow her online presence and look forward to further consulting when I’m ready to make my second purchase, hopefully within the next 6 months.