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There’s probably a solid chance you believe rental properties can be profitable. It’s kind of a mainstream idea that most people grew up with. But there’s probably an even more
I’ve been watching people invest in real estate for some number of years now, including myself. My experience has been working with investors who own rental properties, some with property
One of the many advantages of real estate investing over other investment strategies is having a plethora of decision options for how the investment is to be operated. This includes
If for some reason you’ve heard that real estate investing isn’t a challenging industry… I have news for you. Just kidding, you probably haven’t heard that. Real estate investing is
Data, oh my data. Any of these sounds familiar? If you’ve ever started doing a rental property market analysis, you’ve probably assumed you need to start with the data. That’s
When we think of perfection, we think about doing everything right. Well, what if perfection isn’t about whether you do everything right or not, but instead it’s about how you
Property values by themselves are important for your bottom line. The value of a property is directly tied to the overall profitability of that investment. But are property values only
I hear this question pop up quite a bit. Someone has a nice little chunk of capital sitting around and they are trying to decide whether they should buy a
One of the most important things to do as a real estate investor is to choose the strategy that’s the best fit for you personally. When you do this, you
This is a popular question, and one that needs to be answered (because the rumors just aren’t true!). The short answer to the question is: No, turnkey rental properties are
The famous debate is likely to never end—should an investor invest his or her money into real estate or stocks? Any experienced investor will find a way to defend his
While it can be extremely rewarding, buying an investment property is no small undertaking when you are first starting out in real estate investing. Because you are likely putting a

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