your-time-is-an-investment-invest-wisely_edited-1One of the key elements to effective lifestyle design is your personal time. How do you think about time? Something that just kind of…happens? This week we lost an hour due to daylight savings. You probably, like most of us, felt that loss in the morning. Up an hour earlier – yikes! Daylight savings is a great time to think about time. How it works in your life…how you treat it in your life.

Think about your money. How do you spend it? You probably keep track of how much you have. You make decisions about what to spend it on. You save up for big expenditures. You buy the things you need and want to compliment your needs, goals and lifestyle. You don’t just throw your money around anywhere, right? Why? That would be silly! Now let’s track back to your time. How do you spend it?

Do you parcel out your time and dedicate it to the things that are most meaningful and important to you? Or – do you often find minutes, hours and days escaping without being spent working on your goals and wants? Could you learn to think about your time the way you think about your money?

Both are, after all, assets. They are things you spend. Things that bring you experiences. Don’t fall into the trap of spending your time on useless investments (like bad TV marathons weekend after weekend!). Think differently. Act differently. Chart out what you spend your time on. Budget it. Take control. Grow your portfolio of past experiences the way you grow your bank accounts. Live – fully.

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
Your time is an investment. Be sure to spend it wisely. Do the things you love. Say no to the things that don’t really matter. Learn to keep track of your experiences the same way you keep track of dollars and cents.

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
As an investor, you understand the importance of saving and building your bank account. You know what cash flow is. Now, think: time-flow. Create ways to get more time on a regular basis. Use that time to create the lifestyle you really want. Go!

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