lifestyle designing blogDear Hipsters,

Take today’s post as you will: your Facebook status really doesn’t matter. You know it. We know it. We all know it…. Actually, you don’t even need a Facebook account to be truly hip. All that is just clatter drowning out the true you.

So –what does matter? It’s not what your status says… We bet you can guess it….need a little prodding? What matters: is what matters in your heart. Nothing else. Are you living the life of your dreams? Are you taking steps – every, single day – that get you closer to living that life you dream about? Yeah? Like what?

Get off Facebook, put Instagram down, and stop tweeting for just a minute. What do you really want out of life? You must know. If you’re struggling to come up with ways to make today’s minute-to-minute activity “seem” exciting to your online friends, it’s time to get offline for a bit. Put the pedal to the metal and start living – for real. How, exactly?

Ask:Is It Time For A Career Change?

Are you stuck behind a desk from 8 or 9 in the morning to 5 or 6 at night – 5 days a week? That’s a big chunk of change, right? Set yourself free. Explore alternate routes – such as investing in turnkey real estate like we do – to have a lot more time to bid with. Or, enroll in grad school. Do whatever it takes. Life is short. Start living and stop dreaming – catch our drift?

Ask: Are You Happy?

Are you happy – truly – with the life that surrounds you? We mean the life that you have intentionally created – through your own thoughts, loves, heartaches, and passions. Yes? WOOOT! Time to celebrate big time? No? Time to reevaluate. Re-decide. Plan again.  Get happier.

Ask: Where Do I Want To Be In Five Years?

Yeah, now we’re really getting away from the whole minute by minute status thing and we are asking: where do you want to be in five whole years? Have you ever planned that far in advance? It’s a good idea. Why? You’ll find you learn more about what you want – and how to get there – as you do. We love adventure – but we design it. See the difference? Life doesn’t just happen to us as lifestyle designers – we custom-cater it to our likings… Is that what you’re doing?

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
As much as we love social media – and we do – when it comes down to it, what really matters is how YOU feel. So – how do you feel? Not what you’re broadcasting out there to social media land but how do you feel in your heart? Are you living the life you dream or dreamed of? If not, what you can you change and mix up so that life better serves you?

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
If you’re a real estate investor, new or experienced, you too could be feeling stuck. Maybe you sent out a bunch of letters via probate courts without much response? Maybe you found a (Hipster) property you love but got cold feet? Either way – don’t give in to your fears. True wealth is acquired through the acquisition of land and particularly – of buy and hold investing. When you have true wealth, you can then use that as a vehicle for your lifestyle design(s).


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