turnkey-real-estate-property-buying-adviceWell, Hipsters – it’s a new month and almost a new season. September ushers in a time of transitions. If you have kids, it’s back to school time. If you don’t, you may be entering a new phase at work or in your career. If you have kids and a career – well, you’re fairly busy. Though in a perfect world, transitions would be easy as those magical easy bake ovens from the 80’s, even the most avid lifestyle designer is bound to hit some bumps as you forge forward creating the life of your dreams. Here are some tips to whether the transitional phases in your life – and to keep yourself focused on what you really want.

1. Refine and Refocus

When you are in a state of flux, or transition, it’s an ideal time to step back and refine and refocus your goals, dreams and plans. Do you have a vision board? Take a second, and third look at it: is it still in line with what you want to achieve? If not, that’s totally cool. Add new stuff, keep what works, and ditch what doesn’t.

2. Take Care of Yourself

Don’t forget to treat your body like the temple it really is. As work piles up, step back and take care of yourself. Eat healthy foods, spring for a massage (or three)…plan a get-away. Your health is a crucial part of lifestyle design: don’t neglect it when you’re busy (if anything….pay even more attention to your health now than ever).

3. It Takes A Village….

It takes a village to do anything! Don’t be afraid to ask for help: from friends, employees, employers, kids, partners, spouses, house cleaners – outsource, delegate and take charge. Don’t try to be a one woman or one man show. Ask for what you need – you’ll be surprised at what can often be an amazing outcome.

Key Takeaway for Everyone
We all must weather transitional times – whether it’s allergy season or waiting for news on something big. During states of flux, don’t lose track of your life – push even harder. Fight. You only live once, remember?

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors
So – the property you were planning to buy fell through for one reason or another. Or, maybe, you’re waiting on some loose ends to get finished. A contractor or seller is taking longer than expected. These things happen. During times like this – just step back, take a deep breath, and revisit your goals!

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