lifestyle blog ideas Today we are drawing inspiration for lifestyle design from the legendary Jimmy Cliff….To listen to his amazingly motivation song, click here for the Youtube link!What do you really want out of your life? Life is short, right? We all know that. There’s no known end – there’s just now: right now. Don’t delay. If there is something out there that you really want – well then, by all means: go for it with complete passion. Stop holding back. Stop daydreaming. Start doing.

We’ve compiled a list of questions and ideas to kickstart your new lifestyle design plan so that you can get it – if you really want. Don’t forget – you must try, try, try and try – but you’ll succeed at last.

1. What are your “Musts” in life?

We all have them – you know, like climb Everest, play in a rock band, get a facelift – toilet train our pups. Make a list of your musts – and then start checking them off, one by one!

2. Imagine: True Achievement

Okay – you’ve done it all. You’ve gotten the dream life you designed way back when (or now)…What does that look like? More importantly, what does that feel like for you? As you build your dream life, remember to celebrate your growth as you continue to work toward your end results.

3. What happened Today That Rocked?

A great song? A great idea? A friendly dog? A delicious caffeinated beverage? A date prospect….. It’s crucial that you evaluate all of the good stuff – and there is so much amazing stuff out there – as you design the life of your dreams. Think like this: brick by brick. Good thing by good thing.

4.The Future In Five Years

No, not that depressing David Bowie song – but YOUR future. What does it look like in five years? What do you want it to look like? Next – how do you get there? Create a business plan for your life.

5. Take Action Now

What can you do today to make your life more in line with your dreams? There must be something – even if it’s going for a walk, meditating or reading a book. Take action now.

6. Prioritize Your Days/Prioritize Your Weeks

Depending upon your personal style, try prioritizing your days and maybe even weeks. What’s top dog today? This week? Plan. Do.

7.Own Your Strength

Stop beating around the bush. You are a strong person and you MUST own that power in you. Know you really can get what you want. You just have to try.

8. Procrastinate Much?

If so – ask yourself this: why? Why are you procrastinating in whichever areas you are? Is it because you don’t want to do them? Somethings, like death and taxes, are inevitable – however, you can probably eliminate much of what’s just not working for you with some simple strategizing. Oh – on this one – don’t procrastinate, Ok? Start evaluating.

9. Know Your Values

Whether it’s changing the world or being an amazing friend, know your values and live by them. Treat your word as impeccable – that is – the word you give yourself. You are, after all, the leader and CEO of your own life, right?

10. If you were dying…..What if?

What if you found out you were dying? What would you regret not doing? We may be ending on a grim note – but when you really evaluate what it is that’s most important, you can actually start changing your life. Trust us, the ROI here is sooooooo worth it.

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
Life design rules. Take charge of your life. Live the life of your dreams. We only go around once, right? Kickstart your life today. Do one thing to make changes forever. Bookmark this blog – and come back to it time and time again for guidance. Trust us, doing so will change your life forever. Take the plunge!

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
What is your goal in being an investor? Is it fixing toilets or collecting checks and watching your accounts grow? Know what you want. The above ideas apply to YOU too – think about you career and how it’s working and how it can work even better for you.

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