celebrate your accomplishmentsCelebration is not a four letter word (duh)!

We get it – we all work hard and we have goals to reach: we don’t have time to celebrate! Well, believe it or not, celebration is a key to success. Sure, partying for the sake of partying is slacking off; however, celebrating for the right reasons is always a good idea. As you know, Hipster will be celebrating our 2nd birthday this month, so let’s look at the importance of celebrating!

Celebration is Validation

Perhaps most importantly, celebrating is a way to validate all of your hard work and achievement. It’s a way of saying “I am worthy – my work and the results I get are causes for a pause and veneration!” If you don’t value yourself and your work, who will? If you don’t celebrate your success, what makes it stand out from your everyday, average work moments? When others see you celebrating, you’re setting an example to follow – you’re saying “this is okay to do; you can do it, too.” Sure, you don’t want to go overboard, so use your best judgement to determine when it’s time to kick back and enjoy the fruits of your hard labor. The best advice, though, is to set attainable goals and be consistent: reward yourself when you hit your marks!

Celebration is Relaxation

In addition to validation, everyone needs some downtime. Celebration is a way to cut loose and recharge your mind and body, both of which need to be replenished often, especially in our task and achievement-oriented world. Remember: celebrating is not blowing off work – instead, it’s a rather effective way to get your energy back and can even lead to more productivity. You can only stare at a screen or a page for so long. What’s more stimulating than a party after a hard-earned victory? Nothing! You earned it, so enjoy the downtime!

Celebration is Motivation

Believe it or not, celebration often stokes the flames of motivation. When you hit a wall, or when you feel frustrated with a real or perceived lack of progress, play a movie of self success on the inside of your eyelids. What will it look like? Visualize it. Materialize it. And remember: when your success materializes in your lived experience, it is cause for celebration! Setting a celebration of your success as your end result sets up a reward-based system for you and your work. Many business experts agree on the importance of rewarding yourself – knowing that fun and excitement are around the corner keeps your creativity and energy levels high!

Celebration is Conversation

Celebrating doesn’t mean that you lose sight of your future, either. You’re not letting your guard down; you’re not getting off your game. As a matter of fact, a party is a great place to discuss future plans. Think of it this way: I’ve reached my goal(s); now what? Don’t get us wrong here – we’re not saying forget downtime. What we are saying is this: some light planning and visualizing during downtime can be helpful and can keep you focused, especially if you are a results-oriented person. You can use your celebration as a networking tool, too. Invite people you want to get to know better and people who can help you achieve your future goals. Take this opportunity to talk to them. Form some positive alliances! Nothing is better than a successful business or personal collaboration.

Key takeaway for Everyone:

Celebrating can carry a negative connotation in the business world, but it shouldn’t; rather, you should see it as an essential part of your success. When practiced properly and ethically, it gives us many tools and opportunities for achievement. Give yourself a reward and validate all the wonderful things that you do! Taking these positive steps will influence others, too – when they see your cycle of achievements and rewards, they might follow suit. Be a positive force in the world and enjoy yourself! Only good will come of it!

Key Take Away for Real Estate Investors:

When you close a deal – how do you celebrate. Whether’s popping open a fine bottle of bubbly, sharing your success across social media or taking real time to FEEL GOOD about your accomplishments, ongoing celebrations for real estate investment success are a key part of the puzzle to optioning the long-term cash flow you want from turn key investing!


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