IMG_1560When a thunderstorm hits Atlanta, knocks off siding and parts of the roof of one of my rental properties, and I’m in Nicaragua.

The Reality

If I didn’t have a property manager looking over this house and I managed it myself, how would this have played out? I would have had to take the call from the tenant about the damage, coordinated with the insurance company’s inspector to meet him out at the property to look over the damage, and then I would have to somehow verify later that the contractor fixing the damage did his job well. Let’s put a little more reality to all of this. I was in Nicaragua when this happened, so I wouldn’t have even been able to receive the tenant’s call in the first place because I don’t have phone service down there. I would have only seen Google’s transcription of her voicemail. Once I sifted through the transcription, which is usually hilariously off, I would have been in half a panic trying to get my voice over IP app on my phone to call her, which would most likely have cut out our call at least five times just while I was trying to tell her I would take care of everything.

While all this was going on, I would have been missing out on surfing time, exploring time, social time, who knows what. Or had I received the call while I was out zip-lining or volcano boarding (yes, totally did both of those out there last week), it would have taken me who knows how long to get back to a wireless signal before I could even try to respond.

Then, once I was back in the states this week I would have called the insurance company to file the claim, only to receive a call from one of their Atlanta inspectors saying he would like to make it out to the property on Friday to do the inspection. Uhhh, I’m in California. Do I hop a flight out to meet with him? I assume so. Yuck! That’s expensive. Plus, nevermind the beach rugby, surfing, rugby tournament, flying and date night I would have missed out on this weekend by having to go to Atlanta! None of this is sounding fun to me. Then the inspector tells my insurance company what they need to pony up for repairs, but then the repairs have to happen. I have to find repair guys now. Where do I find those?

No idea.

Once I do find someone, do I go out there to supervise the work? As much as I’d be pumped for more Waffle House and to see my friends and family out there, I’d yet again be missing out on fun stuff out here in CA to go supervise. Or maybe I trust the contractor and don’t have to go oversee. Do I just request pictures of the fixes? Ask the tenant how it all looks? She wouldn’t know a new roof from a door frame. Or worse, what if all this supervising of the repairs hits in the second half of July when I’ll be in Europe for three weeks? Am I supposed to cancel my trip, or tell the contractor to wait until August to fix holes in the roof? Uhhh, yuck?

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