cakeThe cat is now out of the bag: Hipster is coming up on our big 2nd birthday. Birthdays are a ritual: they are a time to reflect upon the past year of successes and to really celebrate both our accomplishments and the beginning of a new, amazing year. Birthdays also mark a momentous occasion in your life or your company’s: its actual birth. It’s important to take stock of what you have achieved – and to reflect upon that which you set out to do.

When it comes to celebrating the birth of your business or career – you should think way back to when it all began. Did you really think you could do it? What obstacles did you face – and how did you overcome them? Did you celebrate each small step toward victory or did you occasionally allow yourself to get bogged down by the details? How would you handle those obstacles now – that you are smarter, wiser and, frankly, a year older?

If you’re a real estate investor or entrepreneur, it’s wise to take time out from your busy business to actually party with your family, friends, fans, clients and supporters. It’s a way to build momentum for the next year of of your work. Even if you work the 9-5 route, you can still celebrate another year logged.

How do you plan to mark your next company anniversary, career birthday, or investing milestone? Here are some ideas to help push you along.

1. Blast out an email to your friends, clients and supporters!

Highlight your accomplishments, talk about what you’ve done and spread the word – you’re growing wiser and hipper as your business matures.

2. Give Out Birthday Freebies and Host a Giveaway

Got something you can give away? Then by all means, go for it. We sure plan to (hint hint)….

3. Have an Actual Party – Virtual or in Real Life

When Steve Jobs celebrated his big 30th birthday, he actually had the legendary Ella Fitzgerald re-sing The Girl From Ipanema to “The Boy from Cupertino”. Talk about celebrating in a grandiose way….. It’s rumored that the famous Burton Snowboards’ founder Jay Burton opens up his compound which includes an indoor bowling alley and a skate park each year to celebrate his company’s success – pretty amazing, huh?

4. Set Goals For The New Year

Just as we set resolutions when the new year rolls around, we should also set resolutions for a new year of business. What do you hope to do bigger and better? What do you want to achieve? List them out. Visualize your goals – then go for them full speed ahead (look out, world)…..

5. Get Social

Spread the word on all of your social platforms – you’re partying. Get your clients involved. Tell your family, your friends and fans that you’ve earned another star for your company’s badge (and you’re proud of it!).

Key Takeaway
Whether it’s personal, or professional, birthdays are kind of a big deal. We certainly think so. Take time to celebrate all of your accomplishments. Party with friends. Spread the word (invest in a loud speaker if you want). You’re paying your dues and you’re gaining traction: congratulations!

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