What Can YOU Do in One Day? hipsterinvestments.comWhen we talk about productivity and getting things done, we usually talk about completion dates in the future. Down the road. Some day. When a deadline is somewhere down the line, it becomes less real. It becomes a lot easier to put it off – whether it’s graduating from college or actually making time to relax. Life gets in the way – it has a funny way of doing that, doesn’t? Eventually our lists of things we want to do get huge. They get left unfinished. We accumulate a list of regrets. It’s natural – but it’s also too bad.

Hipster has a challenge for you this week. What can you do in one day? Mark Twain says the secret of getting ahead is getting started. We say: get started. Pick a day this week – any day. Don’t worry if you have other obligations. Your day doesn’t have to be perfectly clear to do this challenge. Just pick a random day. Once you’ve got your big day locked down, it’s time to pencil some real change in.

Take a look at your list of things you plan to finish someday. Really examine it. What’s most important on that list? What are things you could reasonably get done in one day if you forced yourself? Pick as many items as you can possibly imagine fitting into your big day. Write them down. It’s your action plan. Note: they don’t have to be all errands. If you have time to sky dive on your big day, totally go for it!

Here’s how to put your action plan into real motion:

1. The Night Before

Try to somewhat schedule your day. Take a look at your list of things to do and formulate a somewhat reasonable way of attacking them. Maybe it means you’ve got to wake up 20 minutes earlier than usual to go for a jog before work. Maybe it means you take lunch to work with you. Regardless, take a stab at scheduling it all out.

2. The Morning Of

Start this special day out the right way – by thinking nothing but a big ‘ole slew of positive thoughts. Think about what you’ve got planned – and think: “I really can do it”. Positivity is power: don’t ignore its massive potential to help you transform your life into a dream lifestyle.

3. Forget Fear

As you start tackling these things you’ve put off for one reason or another, you’re probably going to face a decent amount of fear. Fear you’ll fail. Fear of confronting things you’d rather not confront. Fear of running out of time. Forget fear. It gets you nowhere! Step outta your comfort zone and let positive thinking propel you. Don’t stress about not doing everything perfectly….just do it!

4. Get Pumped

When you check things off of your list, get pumped about it. You just finished or did something you’ve been putting off. Good for you. Pat yourself on the back. Jump for joy. Celebrate with a Moscow Mule. Whatever floats your boat – just make sure you celebrate!

At the end of your big day, you’re probably going to have some things you didn’t get to. Forget about that stuff. Rip up the list. Think about the things you did get to. Think about how much you accomplished in just one day. Wow, right?

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
Imagine if you approached every day with the same amount of willpower and enthusiasm. What would your life be like a month from now? A year from now? Ten years from now?

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
There’s a whole lot of waiting around in the real estate game. What if you applied different standards for yourself and those with whom you work? What if, instead of thinking something’s going to take a long time, you saw the possibilities for how you could get things done faster. Time, especially in real estate, does equal money, after all!

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