2013-03-28 13.23.58I post this one for two reasons.

  1. I really would like a weekday adventures buddy.
  2. To emphasize how friggin’ cool it is to not have a M-F 9-5 job!

I was driving with a friend the other day around some of the mountains near LA and all of a sudden, it hit me! It’s almost snowboarding season! Then I got even more excited when I remembered I have a season’s pass for this year to one of the nearby ski slopes (Big Bear, to be exact). Ohhhh man am I excited! Then, my excitement got slightly let down (seriously, only slightly because I’m still ecstatic) when I realized that my season’s pass is a weekday-only pass. For one it was a lot cheaper and two, I hate boarding on the weekends anyway because the slopes are packed. But the problem with a weekday-only pass? I will be going by myself most of the time! I’m totally okay with that, but come on, boarding with someone else is way more fun.

So. I need a weekday-adventures buddy. Preferably one who snowboards.

Do you live in LA? Do you snowboard or ski? Are you off work during the week? You’re in. Contact me.

Outside of the immediate capturing of a new adventures buddy, I can also use this as a reminder to everyone one aspect that lifestyle design creates… time freedom! Now, don’t be fooled, I’m not financially free from real estate yet. Not even close. But! Real estate investing has become a vehicle for lifestyle design for me because it let me start my own business, of which I run from wherever I want and whenever I want. I work a ton during the week, but I do it whenever I want! Seriously, does it get better than that? No way. That is how I am able to have the weekday season’s pass to go snowboarding. I can just wake up and decide to go. I’m sure I’ll check in on business first, but then I’m out.

So whether you are financially free, or close to it, from real estate investing, OR you use real estate investing as a tool to create a job for yourself that you can do from wherever you want or whenever you want, you have the ability to create lifestyle design! That design can look like anything you want it to. Mine involves weekday snowboarding.

What does yours entail?

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