Want More - Out of Life? Get Rid of the Junk! We all have a junk drawer – whether it’s metaphorical or an actual junk drawer in our kitchens that we have to all but force shut. We open it when we have something that doesn’t serve us but aren’t ready to let go of just yet. Maybe we think we will need it later, maybe we are having a hard time throwing out something that doesn’t exactly qualify as trash – maybe we’re just not really thinking about it all that much. Regardless – if your metaphorical (aka….life)  junk drawer is getting full, it may be time to get rid of some junk. Here are some things to ponder tossing out:


Whether it’s people or the way you are thinking about something, negativity never brought anyone anything but more negativity. When you allow negativity into your life, you are letting it come through and set up camp. Now, you wouldn’t let a vampire into your home, would you? Why not? Because vampires are bad! Well, so is negativity. Just say “no thanks”….

Tasks You Don’t Really Have to Do

Read biography after biography and you’ll find one common theme: the most successful individuals learn how to delegate. If you are still doing things that would be better entrusted to someone or something else, you need to find a way to stop. Think about it this way: if you have a dishwasher, you’re not going to stand at the sink and do dishes for hours, now are you? Why not? Well, because you have an appliance that is perfectly capable of doing the job for you. Think about the things in your life that you can tap into that will help save you time and work.

Too Many Goals

Goals are great. They are what move us from place A to place B. That being said, if you have too many goals, they can really slow down your momentum. Streamline your goals. Pay attention to the ones that really matter – and focus in on them completely. Don’t spread yourself too thin. When you focus on what you really want, you’ll find you come a lot closer to getting it.

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
Sometimes we all need to “clean house”. The changing of the seasons is always a good time to do so. Schedule some “me time” and go through the things in your life that you’ve put in your junk drawer – and don’t be afraid to throw them out!

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
Too many gurus? Too many classes? Too many markets? Time to simplify. Get rid of the noise, cut the clutter and focus on what you want, what you believe works for you – and then go full steam ahead and do it.

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