Wanna Be a Lifestyle Entrepreneur?Today, we pay our bills online. We meet our significant others online. We schedule our doctor’s appointments online. We even hang out with friends and family online. The online world is unrecognizable from the 80’s and 90’s era of online bulletin boards and chat rooms. Now, you can even work online.

Being able to make a living – or, better yet: create a lifestyle – online changes everything. If you are, or want to become, an entrepreneur, the world wide web is your oyster. Numerous successful entrepreneurs who believe in the power of lifestyle design are doing it – and you can, too.

So, what is a “lifestyle entrepreneur”? It’s someone who earns online. Someone who doesn’t need to be tied down to an office or cubicle. You need a way to get online. That’s about it. Work from the beach. Work from a tapas bar. It’s all the same as long as the work gets done in the end. The lifestyle entrepreneur is on the go, enjoys flexibility, and fits work into their lifestyle. Skype and email are best friends.

Want to be a lifestyle entrepreneur?
  1. Find Your Niche
    Who do you want to work with? What industry appeals to you? Is it real estate investing? Is it writing? Find the niche or industry that most calls to you, and comes packed with income potential,  and plan to become a name within it.
  2. What’s Your Selling Point?
    Define what you are offering in your market. What makes you unique? What does your product deliver that others don’t? Brand yourself and brand your business. Find a way to stick out in a crowded world.
  3. Build Upon What Works
    What works for you? What works for your customers? You don’t need to reinvent the wheel: in fact, you probably shouldn’t. Find a formula that works and go with it.
  4. Be Seen, Be Heard
    Get yourself, and your product, out there. Leverage social media to its fullest (we recommend any book written by Gary Vaynerchuk). Look locally: can your friends, family and local media help you spread the word about what you do? Be creative, be fierce and remember: fear of rejection never opened a door.
  5. Own Your Worth
    If you’re offering a valuable service or product, don’t cheap out on you. Charge a reasonable rate that will allow you to live the life you want. You can’t get ahead if you’re undervalued – so go ahead and own your value!
  6. Reflect, Reflect, Reflect
    As you progress, reflect upon what’s working, what’s not and what’s got to go. Don’t hold yourself back by holding on to things that just don’t do you, or your business, justice. Expect the best – of yourself, your business and your life.

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
Being a lifestyle designer is the only way we can imagine life at Hipster Investments. Flexibility. Growth. Being valued. It’s all amazing stuff. It takes years to grow a business, but once the seeds you plant bloom, it’s a beautiful thing. Ask for help, believe in yourself, and most importantly: fully commit.

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
Lifestyle design and investing in real estate go together like peas in a pod. You can make your own hours. You can work from a spa. You can invest in your life experiences fully alongside of investing in real estate. As you invest, don’t try to find a new way to get more: find the way that works best and stick to it!

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