unplug-your-lifeOnce upon a time, we were bound by the limitations of landlines for our phone communications. If we wanted to connect, we had to dial a number and wait for a ring. Messages were sent by mail – with a friendly (or not so friendly) mail carrier delivering said message days after the message was originally written. Things had a certain ebb and flow to them. Even more prehistoric, back before answering machines, if we weren’t there the phone would just ring and no one would be the wiser. Oh – and computers? Computers were gigantic and one could fill a large room. Fast forward a little bit and computers were for work. There was no internet. No barrage of blurred lines between work and social life. They were for one thing. It was….simple.

Today, computers and phones are constants. Wherein once we wore wrist watches, today we wear phones. We are always connected. We are always reachable. We are always there. This state of always being plugged in begs the question: if we are always there, are we ever fully here? It’s a good question to ask: what’s your answer? If you’re like most of us, you probably feel confused. That’s normal. Phones and computers have completely taken over in the past ten years and, like a tilt-a-whirl ride at a fair, it’s left us feeling a little bit dizzy from the excitement. Do you want to be more here than there? Do you long for slow Sunday mornings that involve just you, a cup of warm tea and no one else? Take back your life. Here are some guidelines.

Establish Technology Time-Outs

Put your technophile life on hold sometimes. Just as it can be helpful for your body to do the occasional cleanse, it’s good to give your mind some time to really rest. Whether it’s a half hour a day or 10 scheduled hours a week, allow your mind to really take in the world around it by telling technology to take a hike once in a while. You may find (gasp) that you enjoy it.

Mindfully Use Technology

Guilty of checking your phone during dinner? Hanging out with friends? Work? Use your phone mindfully. Don’t just reach for it. Be aware that when you’re logging on to a social network or using your phone, you’re making a decision to connect virtually and not with the world around you. Of course that’s ok, but if you’re finding you’re more virtual than real world, it’s helpful to be aware of the times that you plug in and see if you can’t curb that a bit.

What Else Do You Love?

So, you love technology and phones (like the rest of us). What else do you love? What makes you tick? Make a list of things you could be doing with some of that time you spend in the virtual world. Yoga? Gardening? Zip lining? Cooking? Calling a friend on the phone? Keep your list with you and when the urge strikes to binge on technology, take out your list and find something else to enjoy!

Key Takeaway for Everyone:

Unplug your life. Plug in to the world around you. Enjoy it. Get a little bit old-fashioned: it’s good for you. Set boundaries with technology so that you can be free to enjoy life more fully.

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:

Real estate investors are in a unique position with technology. It’s super helpful to have so much transparency and access thanks to the modern world – however it’s also incredibly easy to lose that crucial work/life balance. Use your technology mindfully and your fun side will thank you.

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  • Angelo Behar

    When I think about some of the things I enjoy the most, surfing, rock climbing, cycling, they don’t have anything to do with being connected. Being in the moment of breath taking landscapes, or catching those waves that give you chills is what motivates me to earn my way to spending time the way I want to spend it.

    I don’t have facebook, or twitter, even though they are wonderful for networking, but I like not being so reachable. Things of late have been different since my involvement with real estate, but this is also what lead me to your site, turnkey investing is such an awesome solution for what I want. You inspire me!

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