4 hour workweek blog lifestyle designFor this week’s lifestyle design post, we’re putting the focus on angles of approach. We talk about about angles of approach when it comes to real estate investing, so why not look at angles of approach for life? If you’re reading this, you’re probably something of an over-achiever or go-getter. You want to improve, refine, perfect. Hipster gets that – actually, we love that. Whether it’s an adrenaline rush jumping out of a plane or another successful deal, we always strive to set the bar a bit higher for ourselves, and our clients.

The problem (or drawback or downfall or area that needs special attention – whatever you want to call it) with all of this achievement, go-getting and success is simple: it means you’ve got a lot of balls up in the air. When there are a whole lot of pots on the fire, it’s easy to get caught up tending to them instead of enjoying the food they’re cooking. This week, Hipster says this: be careful. It’s your life, not a juggling contest. You know what? Sometimes you’re going to drop a ball. That’s OK – so long as you dropped that ball for good reason (like staring at the ocean view a bit too long, taking extra time for a loved one or sifting through crates of records on a Sunday when you have twenty emails you really need to get to).

Adjust Your View

Take a second. What are you looking at every day? By that, we mean this: are you looking at the unanswered emails? The stack of papers to get through? The conference you really should attend? The networking event you missed yesterday? The shift you didn’t work? Whoa… when you’re looking at all of that, how can you look at the bigger picture? How can you enjoy it? To fully take in and enjoy the bigger picture, adjust your view. Look at your family. Your base of friends. The community of which you’re apart. The things you buy with your money that you love most. The feel of an early morning run. Look at the reasons why you do what you do. What drives you to keep going? Look at that.

Go Ahead: Drop The Ball

When you’re not looking at every single ball in the air, it’s all but impossible to not drop a ball here and there. That’s a-ok. Balls drop. And you know what? When you’re nervously eyeing the balls but effortlessly juggling them instead, you get better at juggling. It becomes second nature to you. You drop a ball, you pick it up, you keep going. Eventually, you drop less balls and have a whole lot more fun impressing yourself and others as you go on!


You’ve admitted you take on a lot. You’ve adjusted your view. You’ve dropped balls. Now what? Simple: treasure. Live fully. Be as in the moment as you can be (and we know it’s a process – being in the moment a road you try to stay on, not a sure shot out of a cannon). When you find yourself looking at the balls instead of life, take a moment and adjust your view. Look at the things you love. Keep going. Trust us, you’ll love it.

Key Takeaway For Everyone:
Life is awesome, but it’s not easy – especially when you want to do great things and enjoy as much as possible. Don’t get so caught up going after greatness that you miss out on the greatness you already have.

Key Takeaway For Real Estate Investors:
Sometimes deals fall through. Sometimes things don’t work out as you planned. Investing is incredible, but just as with anything else, it’s not always perfect. Don’t focus on problems: focus on your results.

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