life coaching blog lifestyle designToday’s lifestyle design post is going to take a look at one of the most important aspects of true life style design. What is it you ask? Don’t look at the title! Think – what makes you keep going after your wants even when things get so hard you don’t think you want them anymore? A coach does.

A coach isn’t just an incredibly talented athlete and strategist – although some of the best coaches are just that. Coaches are your friends. They are your parents. They are the times in life you fail (yes, really). They are the shoes you wear. They are the obstacles you overcome. They are the obstacles you turn away from. They are pain. They are suffering. They are joy. They are therapists. They are life coaches. They are religious leaders. They are teachers. They are doctors. They are journalists. Anything, anyone that changes the course of your life – that’s what a coach is.

Why Coaches Exist

We all like to party sometimes (although we all have a different definition of just what, exactly, partying is). For some of us, a stack of great books and some delish green tea is our idea of a party. Some of us are more into hopping a plane to Miami or Vegas when the mood strikes. Those times and moments in our lives when we can truly kick back and party are, indeed, epic. However – we can’t party our way through life all the time. Sometimes we have to work – and hard. Sometimes we have to fall back. Sometimes we get lost. Sometimes thing can get a little dark. Sometimes we need to find a way up and out so that we can find our next moments to party. See where we’re going with this?

Why You Need Coaches For True Lifestyle Design

If we all lived in perfect little bubbles and never had to come into contact with anyone again, maybe we wouldn’t need coaches. If fruit and Starbucks all grew on trees, we’d never have to work or really do much of anything at all. That might be nice – for a while. Eventually, though, you’d miss the real world. That’s where coaches come in. They get you through the hard stuff. They take you where you want to go – whether you’re running alongside them or they’re dragging you kicking and screaming. Coaches can be found in the most unlikely places (a tough sibling relationship that really pushes your limits to find out who you are) or in the best places – online life coaches, anyone?  Pay attention to the coaches you already have. What are they saying? What are the lessons? Think about your past – how did one person or a situation end up coaching you on toward more success?

Why You Need To Listen To Your Coaches

Listen to your coaches. Why? They’re trying to help you learn, improve and thrive. They may not tell you what you want to hear, but they sure do tell you what you need to hear. They stand on the side lines, cheering you on and watching you fail (so that they can later tell you how to avoid that). They’re helpful – really – even if it doesn’t always feel like. Great coaches are key to great lifestyle design!

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
How many coaches do you have? How many coaches have you had? Are you your own coach? Who do you coach? Start thinking about coaching entirely differently. Take it off the sports field and put coaching right into your own field of vision!

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
Buying real estate properties isn’t a walk in the park for anyone. If it were, I guess that’s what we’d all be doing on Sunday mornings instead of actually walking in the park, eating vegan ice cream cones and designer sunglasses (ha!). Who are your investing coaches? Do you network? Do you see out advice? When you don’t know something, do you find someone that does? Find your real estate coaches – keep them close – and remember that they are there to see ways you can do better and to push on toward bigger and better ROI’s!

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