Fake it ’til you make it.

I started reading books as if I knew what I wanted to pursue and do. I didn’t actually know. I kept reading. I read about business, sales, accounting, real estate and money. I kept reading. I still didn’t know what I wanted to focus on, but kept reading. I went to seminars, I introduced myself as a real estate investor, and I acted like I knew what I was doing. Well, at least enough to get in the door. Once in the door, I didn’t fake it or people would notice. In the door I fessed up to being a beginner. I fessed up but was noticeably interested and excited. People started helping.

Don’t take advice from someone you wouldn’t trade shoes with.

I learned quickly to focus on the advice coming from people who were already doing it. There are a lot of people who want to tell other people how to be successful, but they aren’t what most would consider successful themselves. I define successful, in terms of real estate investing, as being financially free. There are some well-known financially free investors out there. Read what they have to say. You’ll start noticing that most of them say a lot of the same things. Take note of what those things are. I did. And so far, those things have turned out to be true. Don’t be opposed to taking advice from other people. I wasn’t.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.327370597_0075289354_b

I figured out that problem solving is the key to investing. If it were that easy, everyone would do it. The two biggest problems I ran into were, where do you find the money and what do you do with the money you find? I heard in an investing seminar, “If it is a good deal, you’ll find the money. If you can’t find the money, don’t push it, it’s probably not a good deal.” I bought my first investment property under this premise. The money found me. I looked for it but found it easily. I learned to use intelligence to problem solve, which birthed major creativity, which led to fun.

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  • gustavo Vargas

    hey just looking at positive people and trying to find positive vibe from people who are trying to achieve success! ( defined very broadly not just $$) What books do you recommend? positive educational blogs etc.
    I am a part time investor with a full time job on health care ! just trying to keep getting better and more informed from people who are actually doing it WELL! Greetings!

    • Ali

      Thanks for writing Gustavo! I’m a huge fan of the Rich Dad series. Very motivational and he gives great advice.

      Greetings back at you!

    • Ali

      Oh geez, Gustavo, I totally misread your comment. I was thinking of investing books. For just positive stuff, I definitely recommend Darren Hardy’s blog, he is the owner of SUCCESS magazine. Amazing blogs! Tim Ferriss is one to follow also and check out his 4-hour Work Week book for sure. I love the Compound Effect as well!

  • LB

    “You’ll start noticing that most of them say a lot of the same things. Take note of what those things are. I did. And so far, those things have turned out to be true.”

    Bueno Ali,

    Any examples of what you’ve found to be true?


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