The Myth of “Your True Calling”

“What you feed in yourself that grows.”
― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Ok, Hipsters. Here’s something a little controversial to throw at you: finding your true calling is a myth. It’s something you’re told you’ve got to do if you want to live a happy life. Yikes. High expectations, much? Sure, there are probably things you excel at and love but there isn’t one true path that if we somehow miss, we end up missing the party boat.

The world is full of paths. So many of these paths we will have the abilities and skills to handle choosing. So many of these paths will be enjoyable to us. Stop buying the hype: you don’t need to find your true calling because the truth is: you could have a million true callings. When you let go of the idea of there being only one right thing for you, you open yourself up to how many great things there really are for you.

Pizza as a Life Metaphor

Let’s say you love pizza (this writer sure does). Now say that for whatever reason, you could only eat pizza for the rest of your life. Is that cool with you? You could never eat your other favorite things again (like, oh, ice cream and sushi). Yikes…..right? There is so, so much in the world that is so, so good. Don’t pigeonhole yourself into a career that doesn’t grow and bend along with your passions.

Many Paths Lead to the Same Destination

Say you have always felt called upon to help people. Well, there’s no one path to help others. When you make mindful decisions to be of service in the world, you help people. You don’t have to be a physician, an educator or a social worker to make big, positive changes on Planet Earth. You can make changes as a web developer, a dancer or a real estate investor. Many paths really can lead to the same place – when you think about them a little more deeply.

Don’t Get Stuck at the Start

Pretend you’re on the bottom of a mountain. You’re faced with a bunch of different trailheads to choose from. You start to agonize over how you’ll ever pick the right one. You end up wasting a lot of valuable daylight figuring out which one is best for you. The truth is: you might as well just pick one and start moving. Trails cross each other and it’s fairly easy to change paths. Life is like this. Just start going down one that feels sorta right and you can adjust as you go.

In the end, this is good news. You could have a million true callings – and you could excel at all of them. Stop the stress and stop the worry. For right now, pick something you enjoy and that works for you. Head down that path. You can mix things up and make changes as you go.

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
Trying to figure out exactly what to do in life? Forget about that. Figure out what you’re good at, what you like and what benefits you – then get going. Life is short and there’s no point wasting good momentum on pointless fears!

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
Flipping. Rehabbing. Turn-key. Wholesaling. Real estate sure has a lot of paths. Instead of trying to narrow down just one path for you, consider finding a path that looks viable and trying it out. If you don’t like it, you can always take another path when it crosses with the one you’re currently on.

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