The Mountain You're On is the Mountain You ChoseYou know how when you go snowboarding or skiing, you get a trail map? Well, back up a minute. First, you choose between places to go. Which resort? Which mountain? Once you’ve made that decision, you choose which trail. The ideal side of the mountain. The level of difficulty. Then, the speed which you go down with. You can ride down super fast, or you can take it slow see and the sights. All up to you, right?

Same thing goes for life. You choose the life you live. You choose where you live. You choose what you do. You choose where you go. You choose the speed – whether it’s your career or driving a car. All up to you. To have the lifestyle of your dreams, you’ve got to recognize this crucial thing. You are responsible for the life you lead. It’s all yours. You can make it totally great. You can make it totally not fun.

Don’t start blaming yourself if you’re not in an ideal situation. Reward yourself. Congratulate yourself for the choices you’ve made that have led to good things – no matter how small. Take a look at how past events were your own creation.

It’s a lot to digest. The choices you’ve made have put you where you are in life. Sure, there are outside circumstances…but ultimately, it’s all you. What choices have you made? Where are you? Is it the mountain you want to be on? Is it the right trail for you? Are you going fast or are you taking in all the sights? Take stock. Own it.

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
Once you get it, you can go anywhere. It’s freeing…what holds you back is you. What propels you forward? It’s you. Approach your life like you’re planning a ski vacation. Make it awesome!  Where do you want to go? Why? Which paths do you wanna take? How fast do you want to go?

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
Your portfolio is the result of the choices you’ve made. Your future portfolio will result from choices you will make. Sure, you can’t control everything – but you can make informed decisions that directly impact whether or not your portfolio is performing the way you want it to. If you’re not thrilled with it, do something to change it. Don’t just let things happen in real estate – build a door and open it!

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