real-estate-investing-funThe real estate industry doesn’t come packed with jokes and funny stories (ok – maybe some very, very funny ones here and there) – but mostly articles about investing are – let’s face it – kind of, sort of boring. This article is the opposite of boring! It’s packed with fun ideas, jokes and tales from the ups and downs real estate industry professionals have faced over the years of their career. May you take from it some inspiration, some humor for your successes (and pitfalls) – and most of all, may you laugh (heartily, at that)…

1. How To Get Any Homeowner To Answer The Phone For $10 

This is from Bigger Pockets – and we think it’s one of the funniest – and most creative ways to get a potential home seller to actually respond. It involves, of course, $10 – a phone a hone seller. The humor is in the story – and it sure is one worth reading. Enjoy!

2. Reasons To Love The Turnkey

Um  yeah, there is actually a blog called “My Tenant From Hell”. The title says it all, right? Warning – some graphic images as these are true stories from the trenches of landlording – NOT investing.

3. Yikes: Realtor Hires Homeless Man To Promote Business

Is this even for real? Apparently. In the realtor’s defense, the homeless man got some nifty new clothing and a sign to hold= plus cash. Win-win?

4. Bad MLS Photos

Again, the title says it all. If you want a REALLY good laugh – take a look at these “stunners”.  From alluring photos of in-house snakes to actual screenshots, this blog truly has it all. Be prepared to be left in disbelief – and to be careful with whom you work. Make sure your agent understands the basics of photography!

5. LOL Collection of Real Estate Jokes

We wouldn’t include these if they weren’t totally hilarious – and they are! Sample joke? “Why was the real estate agent so excited that he completed a jigsaw puzzle in only 9 weeks? Because on the box it said 8-12 Years.

Key Takeaway

Sometimes we all need to take a break from the work at hand and do one thing: laugh. Real estate investment is no easy feat, despite what some gurus might want you to believe – and we honestly hope you get some true LOL’ing from the above links! If you have further ideas on real estate investment humor, do share below in our comments section! We welcome your input, as always. 



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