RecommendationKnowledge = power. Knowledge comes from education. Education comes from resources. Resources are everywhere!

Easiest resource in my opinion? Books.

Why? Because they hold a lot of information in a small package. Another bonus to books? You get advice straight from experts’ mouths. Can you imagine how much you would have to pay to attend a seminar by an expert that was long enough to cover everything in their books? Or can you imagine trying to figure out how to stalk the experts and force them to teach you what they know? Yeah, good luck with that one.

Lucky for us, we can just buy their books! So what books should you buy? I’m opening the floor for everyone to chime in and give their suggestions as to what books you recommend for your fellow investors.

I’m including my personal recommendations. I don’t just read real estate books. I also read business and sales books because both of those aspects are key, in my opinion, for any successful real estate investing adventure. You are your own investor, so you need to have entrepreneurial skills, and there is so much involvement with sales, whether you are buying or talking to people who are, you can’t escape without needing some sales knowledge.

I’ve listed my Top 3 recommendations for each category. Yes, I admit Robert Kiyosaki is my tried and true author, not just for real estate knowledge but entrepreneurial and sales skills as well. I always say, “Don’t take advice from someone you wouldn’t trade shoes with,” which can be rephrased as “Take advice from people you would trade shoes with.” I would trade shoes with Robert any day. Therefore, I’ll read every book he offers (and I have read way more of his than I list here)!

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