The Art of Strategy in Lifestyle DesignAh, strategies. According to Wikipedia, a strategy is “a high level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty.” They’re used to win wars, win football games and win in the boardroom.  Generally, it’s a system of setting goals and plans to achieve these goals that help guarantee success in the long-term.

Is designing – and living – the life of your dreams a biggie for you? If it is, it’s time to get serious about the art of strategy. You can’t just go to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow ready to board a plane and travel the world working from your laptop. You need to strategically create the life you seek through clear plans and actions. Unfortunately, wishing and hoping won’t get you very far, will it?

So, if your goal is living and designing the life you want and deserve, that’s where you want to go. That’s step one of crafting a successful and life-changing strategy. Step two is to figure out where you are right now in comparison to where you want to get to. Think about it like you’re creating a map – you need to know how far you need to go and which roads to take to get there.

Step three is the actual path you’ll take to get to your destination. Here’s an example: with lifestyle design, you’ll need sources of income. What will those be? If you’re not currently in the right business for creating revenue for yourself, what business can you jump into that will allow you to do so?

The most effective strategies are those that match your strengths with real-world opportunities. Create a strategy that meshes well with your strengths. If, for example, you hate sales – don’t try to use sales to create the life of your dreams. If, however, you’re a great writer, you may want to venture into the world of ebooks to grow some additional streams of income for yourself! Weigh out your every step for potential risks and rewards – take only the ones that promise the most reward for the least amount of risk.

Getting to live the life of your dreams isn’t something you can do overnight – but it’s a goal worth fighting for. If you’re willing to work to get where you want to be in life, develop your strategy and start putting it to work for you!

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
Figure out where you want to go, figure out where you are right now and route your best path to getting from point A to point B. Weigh risks vs. rewards and make the most informed choices you can at each step on the way.

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
Real estate can be a truly powerful vehicle for lifestyle design. Real estate investing success alone, however, isn’t a strategy. Within real estate, you need a strategy for success. What’s your angle? Flipping houses? Wholesaling? Buy and hold? Know what you’re doing and why: be strategic in your investments.

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