Mike Riba

I first heard Ali on a podcast, and realized that her approach to real estate investing was one of the smartest I had heard. As a long time homeowner, I know there can be many unknowns in purchasing a property (especially when doing so out of your local area). Ali’s team walked me through the […]

Armen Mekhdjian

It’s been a pleasure working with Hipster Investments to facilitate investing in turnkey properties. I’ve wanted to invest in real estate ever since I witnessed my parents doing so throughout their careers but real estate in my area became so expensive that it didn’t seem possible. I decided to identify ideal markets for rental properties […]

Nate P.

Being a first time investor is tough, being a first time investor from out of state is even tougher. I spent 12 months reading books and researching the best option to start investing in real estate. I live in a very expensive market so I was researching how to invest from out of state. After […]

Joe Wurzburger

I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Hipster. Not only did Ali give me guidance and make introductions that facilitated my first turnkey purchase, but she has continued to be a helpful resource. Ali and Hipster truly stand behind their services. Working with them feels like more than just real estate; it’s a relationship. […]

Lawrence P.

Hipster Investments has been instrumental in purchasing my very first investment property. They helped me navigate through the whole process from deal analysis to closing by providing me tools and timely advise. Ali and team are very knowledgeable and highly regarded in real estate investing. I absolutely recommend checking them out especially if you’re looking […]

Ryan W.

I can’t say enough about Ali and Hipster.  When buying a property out of state it can often be challenging to say the least.  It is great to know that Ali and her team is willing to not only hold your hand along the way, but help provide support even after you purchase a property.  […]

Guerrero Lopez

Hipster Investments has been a great resource for me to use during the past two years. The Hipster team constantly provides literature to not only to educate but also to motivate new/young real estate investors. They are constantly analyzing properties and sharing them with their community. They take all the things one wishes they would […]

Shannon Bae

Ali is truly a gem and an incredible resource to have on all sides of REI. She is so genuine with so much enthusiasm for helping people create the life they want through passive income, it’s infectious! As a first time investor, Ali empowered me with her knowledge and experience and was so giving with […]

Mandi R.

Finding Hipster Investments is truly the best thing that has happened to me in my real estate investing thus far.  Ali and the team were so helpful, answering every little question I could come up with before I was ready to take the next step.  They put me in touch with a great turn-key investment […]