It’s been a pleasure working with Hipster Investments to facilitate investing in turnkey properties. I’ve wanted to invest in real estate ever since I witnessed my parents doing so throughout their careers but real estate in my area became so expensive that it didn’t seem possible. I decided to identify ideal markets for rental properties outside of my area but finding all the resources (seller, property manager, mortgage broker, insurance broker) was the biggest challenge when I started. After touching base with Phil Alexander he showed me that there are neighborhoods in big cities across the country that are perfect for stable real estate investments with high cap rates, AND he got me in touch with all the necessary individuals. Coordinating with the seller of the house and the property manager early on was helpful when deciding to pull the trigger. The only thing I would do differently is identify the best individual to handle my mortgage very early ahead of time. Would definitely work with Hipster Investments again, and am currently pondering which will be my next property.