Matt Bowles

In this book, Ali Boone fundamentally disrupts traditional real estate investing paradigms!  She explains the key mindset shift of seeing real estate as a “vehicle” to leaving her corporate job forever.  She then explains the crucial distinction of becoming an “investor” in turnkey rental properties that produce passive residual income and NOT creating another job […]

Mark Podolsky AKA The Land Geek

Being a real estate book junkie I’ve read more than my fair share of boring, outdated tomes that just gather dust on the shelf. Ali Boone has written a book that is one part sound real estate advice and two parts timeless wisdom. Read this book every quarter, learn something  new and watch not just […]

Rachel Hernandez

This is not your average real estate book. This book lays out what real estate investing and what being a real estate investor is all about, which is not what you think it is when you see or hear the typical real estate guru talk. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to succeed […]

Evan Money

This is truly a one of a kind Real Estate book. MASSIVE value for the reader. If you have been thinking and talking about investing in Real Estate, pounce on this book like a hungry cat. First time author and long time Real Estate savant, Ali Boone shares some terrific tools in finding what type […]