Not Your How-To Guide To Real Estate Investing

It’s all about mindset. If you don’t have the right mindset, there’s not a how-to guide in the world that will help you. And yet, real estate investing books jump right into telling you how to do each strategy. But they leave the most important part out– should you even be doing that strategy? How do you know what you should be doing as a real estate investor?



  • Explains how real estate investing is such a unique and creative industry that is open to anyone.
  • Debunks the biggest myths about real estate investing that have been getting people in trouble for decades.
  • Challenges traditional beliefs that real estate investing can only be done with intensive work, effort, and a lot of headache.
  • Interviews successful real estate investors to give you an up-close insider’s view into what goes into their strategy to make them successful.

Book Description

Real estate investing guru Ali Boone, known for her sense of humor and telling it like it is, teaches you the growth mindset you need to stay at the top of your real estate investing game at every stage of your investing career.

Ali Boone fundamentally disrupts traditional real estate investing paradigms.” -Matt Bowles, founder of Maverick Investor Group and host of The Maverick Show podcast

You can probably relate to the beginning of Ali’s REI journey…

Sitting in her cubicle dreaming of how to escape the corporate shackles, Ali knew she had to find a way out. A way out of the 9-to-5, a way out of living someone else’s dream, and a way in to freedom.

Rumor was—investing in real estate could get her that freedom. But as she began researching how to be a real estate investor, she quickly realized she had no idea who to trust, what advice to listen to, or what moves to make. Should she sign up for that $5,000 guru seminar? Should she buy that $1,000 how-to course from that overzealous guy in a suit? What books should she read?

Ali discovered that the problem was that none of the traditional how-to guides she was reading addressed what she realized was the key to becoming a successful investor: shifting your mindset (aka hacking your mind).

NOT Your How-To Guide to Real Estate Investing is the real estate investing book that Ali wishes she had in the very beginning of her REI journey.

A recent reader agreed and wrote, “Best Book on Real Estate Investing that I have read. Period. Hands down. I wish this book would have been around for my first investment back in 2007…followed by my first EPIC FAILURE in 2009.”

As soon as Ali figured out how to hack the real estate investing industry, she managed to invest in her first 5 properties in under 18 months using creative financing. She then went on to start her real estate investment company, Hipster Investments, which facilitated over $18M in real estate transactions in the first 5 years of business.

About the Author

Ali is a real estate investing coach, entrepreneur, and published author who believes that self-directed investing is a life-saving alternative to the 9 to 5 grind.

Through strategic coaching and ongoing mentorship, Ali helps investors like you untangle challenges, make better decisions, and learn how to find success on your own terms.