Ivan I.D.C.

Ali Boone´s Due Diligence ebook goes a very long way in removing the blindfold for investors, especially first time turnkey investors. It is a great resource to have while the process, as it is kind of like a blueprint of most of the things you have to consider right before and especially after the closing […]

Pocco J.

Knowing how and when to do due diligence can be confusing and intimidating to new real estate investors, especially if you’re out of state.  This ebook does an excellent job of breaking it down step by step so you can keep things in perspective and focus on what’s important and not get hung up on […]

Jordan Wight

The Due Diligence ebook was thorough and easy to read. It dispels multiple myths about turnkeys and sets good expectations for a beginner real estate investor. Thanks Ali, you know your stuff!


Due diligence is so important but also can be overwhelming. I bought my first property and knew I was missing things along the way. I pretty much knew what I needed to get done but I wasn’t sure what order or even how to accomplish it, I really wish I had read this book prior […]

Noah Sheppard

Ali’s Due Diligence Guide will give you the info you need to perform due diligence on any turnkey property. It’s an easy to follow guide that breaks down what can be an overwhelming process into digestible steps to get you from offer to close. If you are new to real estate or turnkey investing, it’s […]

Stacy Watterson

Good information in here. Easy to read and follow. Ali has been the best source of helpful information for me as I begin my turnkey journey.

Tyler Stindtman

I have read Ali’s Due Diligence eBook multiple times and would give it a solid 5 out of 5 stars.  I read this eBook a couple of times before purchasing my first turnkey property and it helped me gain the confidence to finally take that scary jump into the world of real estate investing.  As […]