3129064412_8bfea67dd8I want to know who you guys are. I get names, and a lot of you reach out to me to talk about real estate (which is great, keep it coming), but I realized I know very little about everyone. Sooo… tell me who you are!

You can tell me anything you want. If you are at a loss, here are some suggestions:

  • Name?
  • Where do you live?
  • Where would you rather live if you had a choice, and why?
  • Career/school?
  • Favorite vacation spot?
  • Family setup? Pets count.
  • Funniest YouTube video, in your humble opinion (please include a link and I’ll actually watch it, maybe even nominate a winner for funniest)
  • Favorite food?
  • Most embarrassing moment? (oh come on, you know this would be hilarious to read from everyone)
  • What’s your one seemingly unattainable dream? Mine is becoming a go-go dancer.

Ready, set, go!

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  • Thomas

    Be nice? Of course! 🙂 Being mean is not a way to build long term success.

    Name? Tomas
    Where do you live? San Jose, CA
    Where would you rather live if you had a choice, and why? Hawaii, my wife loves it there and I love her so… 🙂
    Career/school? Computer problem solver
    Favorite vacation spot? Hawaii
    Family setup? Pets count. Married to a an awesome wife. Had two loving cats who passed after many wonderful years.
    Funniest YouTube video, in your humble opinion http://youtu.be/egCeIwjIuZM
    Favorite food? Tacos
    Most embarrassing moment? Saying so crates instead of Socrates. Watched too much Bill and Ted’s excellent adventures
    What’s your one seemingly unattainable dream? Winning the lotto, so I’ve been investing instead. 😉

  • Jimmy

    Jimmy Moncrief
    Chattanooga, TN – where I live – I love it!
    Banker/Real Estate Investor – they compliment each other nicely!
    Business Degree – finance – UTC
    I love Southeast Asia!

    Where would you rather live if you had a choice, and why?
    Favorite vacation spot?
    Family setup? Pets count.
    Fun Fact: I created a blank book and it hit the amazon best seller list in its category 🙂

    What’s your one seemingly unattainable dream? Own an island similiar to Richard Bransons!

    • Ali

      Jimmy! I want to know more about your blank book. Lol. I almost want to say I’ve seen a blank book on the shelves? And Chattanooga- one of my absolute favorite places! I’ve rowed that river quite a bit, drove through there a ton because I was between Atlanta and Murfreesboro for school, and I have a ton of friends either there or from there. Love it!

  • Heather

    Hi Ali, Thanks for this post. We’re Heather & Jeff. I’m originally from the US, Jeff is originally from New Zealand. We live in Australia now, but probably not on a very permanent basis.

    We’re also big into lifestyle design – I also left my corporate job not long ago! We both work on a contract basis (pays better & more flexible than permanent employment). We live below our means and put most of our money into property, then spend the rest backpacking, diving, & paragliding on the six-month career breaks that we try to take every two years.

    We have two properties in Las Vegas so far, and hope to get at least two more this year, either there or in Memphis.

    It’s great to “meet” (online anyway) another younger person who invests in property and doesn’t think that life should be spent in an office!

    Your last question is a hard one – not many dreams are truly unattainable – go for it! http://danceagogo.com

  • Robert Wright

    Hello Ali and friends,
    My name is Robert Wright.
    I live in Las Vegas.
    I would rather live in Thailand, or Panama, or Indonesia, or Belize or anywhere I can retire cheap!
    I am now a semi-retired golf course superintendent.
    My favorite vacation spot is anywhere near a beach with liquor available.
    My family – no kids, two cats. Divorced.
    My favorite food – ice cream (is that a food?) or my own BBQ baby back ribs
    Most embarrassing moment – food poisoning on a 1st date – sorry I threw up in the movie theatre
    My seemingly unattainable dream would be being a professional golfer, the rest are obtainable I hope.

    • Ali

      Ni-ca-ra-gua 🙂

  • Armand

    Hi Ali,

    On the shore of Lake Atitlan Guatemala
    No place else
    Political science – France
    Ibizza, Spain
    2 daughters, 1 partner and her son, 2 cats, 3 turtles, plenty of wild birds
    The babies Evian
    To take my girl friend to the movie theatre the wrong day
    I live my dream

    On your way to Nicaragua stop by to check Guatemala

    • Ali

      I’d love to stop by Guatamala, Armand! Thanks for the invite 🙂 What is the “wrong day” at a movie theater? And what kind of turtles? I have two for eight years, Speedbump and Pete, but they ran into a rough demise with a coyote. It was a sad day.

      I may be in Ibiza this summer!

  • Chris

    Northern Ohio
    I would rather live someplace warm year round
    Currently in IT, BA, BS, MBA photographer, coach, investor
    Grand Cayman
    Single – 2 tail wagging, rescued greyhounds
    Favorite food Meat
    Most embarrassing moment? I had just finished up a practice in high school. I was the only one in a locker room when an entire girls’ swim team walked in on me with only steam from the showers ‘covering me’. I asked for five minutes and escaped out a back door!
    dream? Mine is to live in Grand Cayman, Sedona, Arizona, Central America and visit friends in approximately equal parts of each year.

    • Ali

      Minus the Arizona part, we might be soul mates Chris!

  • Julie Sullivan

    Hi Ali I’m Julie Sullivan. Right now I’m living Annapolis Maryland ( in one of my investments) Annapolis is a very hip place to live. You can walk from my place to about 10 bars and music venues. Down at the docks you can catch a sail boat. There is always something happening here.
    My goal is to actually live in about 4 places. Traveling with the seasons.
    I’ve had tech careers and teaching careers but right now I run a home remodeling company called Renovate and Decorate which should tell you that I am a rehabber at heart. I currently own three rental properties in Maryland. My biggest roadblock is how to get more financing.
    I really loved snorkeling in Honduras.
    I’m a single lady looking for a real estate investing partner. (Or someone with a good job so I can get financing.)
    This You Tube video features my son and granddaughter. It always makes me smile. (Jake is singing “You Are So Beautiful” but there’s no sound in the video.)
    Right now I’m enjoying Heath Klondike Bars. Outrageously good.
    My most embarrassing moment was at a seminar when I offered to pull up the browser on my phone to find a document. And well, my tablemate saw the last site I had been on the night before. Um… a little X action anyone?
    I dream of wearing a bikini … yes still I dream of it.

    • Ali

      Lol! Julie, I love your responses. Hilarious. I feel like I have so many questions I could ask!

  • Peter

    Hi Ali, I’m Peter from Boston. I’d rather live in a big house with a heated pool overlooking the Mediterranean. I’m an Internet entrepreneur. I have a wife, two kids, a dog and a house in the ‘burbs. My favorite funny youtube video is the Trolololo guy, surely you’ve seen him. I found your site via BiggerPockets.com, specifically your article about investing out of state. I recently sold some of my Internet businesses, and am looking at real estate investing but realize that I’m living in a state that is overly expensive as well as notoriously unfriendly to landlords and business in general. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

    • Ali

      Hey Peter from Boston. That’s awesome about your business. What kind of internet stuff do you do? I hear you on the living in an expensive state that is unfriendly to landlords, California. I only buy out-of-state. I can hook you up with my guys if you want to check them out!

      • Peter

        Hi Ali, thanks for the reply. Sure I’d like to hear about your guys. I buy and sell and buy and hold websites, much in the way a real estate investor does with houses.

  • Jeff

    I’ll play along. I was just about to send you an email anyway.

    1. Jeff
    2. Costa Mesa CA
    3. It’s not so bad here but Nashville is currently on my radar.
    4. Small business owner / real estate investor
    5. Vacation? When do I get to take one?
    6. Married. No kids. No pets.
    7. I find this one of myself pretty entertaining: http://youtu.be/0vkeihlSQM8
    8. Cajun cuisine.
    9. I’m embarrassed every time I look at my first investment property. 🙂
    10. Hmmm.. gives me something to think about.

    • Ali

      Jeff..Ha.. I want to hear about your first investment property! Do tell, do tell. And yes, that video IS hilarious because it’s in another language! 😉

  • Bryan

    Here’s a shout out from the east coast! I live in Atlanta and am quite content with the south east. I like to travel and wouldn’t want to ruin a good thing, like the beach or the mountains by actually living there and taking it for granted. Ha
    I’ve been involved in real estate since ’01 and have seen & experienced my ups & downs, but it is definitely where I want to be. I have more personal freedom and am not “capped” with income by a salary. I have learned that there are income limits to brokering transactions by commissions, but returns on investment have exponential potential.
    Comic relief: http://youtu.be/kix1nub6q-k
    And embarrassing moments can go on & on & on…

    • Ali

      Ok, Bryan, you’re video wins so far. The Big Bang Theory is most certainly one of my fave shows and that clip did just make me laugh out loud. The only Big Bang clip that could beat that I think is the episode with Amy’s first sleepover.

  • Phil

    I’ve been told that I’d show my feminine side… if I had one. “Crossing the line” is my specialty – like voting, I believe in doing it early and often! Boston born & bred but loving the good times I’m able to spend in my second home, Nicaragua. I’ve been involved in International Real Estate and Development for a dozen years and Nicaragua for the last 6 – it has totally infected me. Favorite food is a toss-up… being a carnivore, I struggle between steak tartare avec des frites and a thoroughly delicious churrasco smothered in chimichurri sauce y papa frites aparte… mmm! My all time favorite video is the 8 minutes of magnificent theater from Glengarry Glen Ross… http://youtu.be/8kZg_ALxEz0 – BRILLIANT! Let’s have a Nica party in LA!!!

    • Ali

      Nica party!! There are no better words one could hear, except for churrasco smothered in chimchurri sauce. If you haven’t seen it yet, and assuming you have Trader Joe’s out there in good ‘ole Boston, they are now carrying a steak thing (looks like how pork loin in packaged) that comes with chimichurri sauce! AND, it is to die for. I just bought my second one yesterday. Highly recommend. Come onnnn Nicaragua! I’ll cross that country line any day.

  • Matt Bowles


    Matt Bowles

    Where do you live?


    Where would you rather live if you had a choice, and why?

    Buenos Aires (I think I’ll try that this summer)….Tango dancing and Malbec wine.


    Now a real estate entrepreneur (Im pretty anti-career), went to college in Cleveland and grad school in DC.

    Favorite vacation spot?

    Meaning a place I’ve been….I’ll go with Anguilla.

    Family setup? Pets count.

    My sis just moved to LA so the fam here is getting larger, no pets.

    Funniest YouTube video, in your humble opinion (please include a link and I’ll actually watch it, maybe even nominate a winner for funniest)

    Tough one…gonna have to search and post later.

    Favorite food?

    Sushi….or amazingly good South Asian food….ooh, or really good Afghan food….actually this list could go on, I love food!

    Most embarrassing moment? (oh come on, you know this would be hilarious to read from everyone)

    Not for public consumption.

    What’s your one seemingly unattainable dream? Mine is becoming a go-go dancer.
    Ready, set, go!

    “Seemingly unattainable”? Uhh….For a celebrity chef to be my personal resident chef.

    • Ali

      Well I say if you are a real estate entrepreneur you are on the path to being able to make it rain and hire that chef, Matt! And oooh Buenos Aires, sign me up. Cha cha cha.

  • Amy

    Well, I’d share an embarrassing story if i could think of one, simply because I want to read your and everyone else’s answers too! 😛 …. but let’s see, favorite vacation spot would be the coast of Maine: New Harbor, Bar Harbor, Wells Beach, Acadia, I’ll take em all! And that’d probably be my “place I’d rather live” (but Summer only, then back here to SoCal, thanks!), and my hopefully “attainable dream” (not “un”) would be to have the time, money and freedom to follow my heart’s desires (whatever that might be at the time! Haha)… who knows, maybe I’ll get that following ur blogs! You seem to be on the right track with that! 😉

    • Ali

      …{cough}… real estate! {cough} 🙂 Thanks for sharing! And helllooo fellow SoCal-er!

      • Amy

        haha… I’m just getting my feet wet, having just recently been introduced to this turnkey, passive income REI stuff! …. sounds pretty good though! I’ll stay tuned and see what I can learn!

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