start-small-gain-big-resultsSo – you’re into the idea of lifestyle design? Travel. Hobbies. Adventures. Time to rest. Moments to live for. Sounds amazing, right? Lifestyle design is amazing! It’s an alternative to the 9-5 lifestyle that’s getting a lot of momentum lately. People want more out of their lives. More fun. Do you?

If you’re sold on lifestyle design (like we obviously are!) you probably want to get going and start designing. Your natural impulse might be to plan a trip around the world or to run out and climb a mountain (yikes). One thing here: put on the brakes. Can you afford to leave your job and travel around the world? Do you know anything about rock climbing? Part of lifestyle design is doing the things you can actually do. It doesn’t get you anywhere to live in a dream world. Why? Once reality sets in, you might just abandon lifestyle design altogether!

So – what can you do? Where can you start designing your awesome life? We say: start small. What’s a small thing you can do today that will help you live the life of your dreams? Start saving money? Chill out in a park and listen to some tunes? Spring for the new flat white at Starbucks? Take small steps that feel good. Take as many small steps as you can in a day. Keep your eye on the bigger dreams too, but embrace that lifestyle design in the sum of many parts. Small moments make up life. Start improving small moments today….

Once you change the small stuff, you find the bigger stuff – like that trip around the world – is a whole lot easier to achieve. When you take actions that are in line with your big goals, you get closer to the really out-of-this-world parts of lifestyle design (like hopping from London to Paris to Rome!).

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
You can’t run a marathon unless you can run a mile. Start training for that marathon today by putting on your running shoes and going for a run. Even if you can only do one minute of running, the next day maybe you’ll go further…and the next day, even further 😉

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
So, you wanna be Donald Trump? Don’t we all! Sad news is – it’s not possible overnight. Start by investing in the things that you can afford. Don’t get wowed by schemes that seem too good to be true (because they probably are). Get started doing what you can and watch your equity start to increase, little by little! Trust us – it’s awesome.

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