lifestyle design blogAh, March. It’s a complicated month. It’s muddy. It’s warm and then it’s cold. Sometimes it snows. Sometimes it rains. Sometimes you’re walking outside and the sun’s hot rays take you by surprise after a long winter. March is a time of transition. It’s neither winter nor spring. It’s one of those in-between months. In life, we all have in-between months, don’t we? Times when we are neither here nor there. Times of waiting. Sometimes, we have in-between years. Sometimes, we have in-between decades. Life is a funny thing.

Today’s post draws inspiration from the spirit of transition. Spring cleaning means finishing up things left undone. Unpacking the things we left in the corner for some day. Emptying out the junk drawer. Finally learning to use the snowboard we bought back at the beginning of the winter. Finishing up those papers for your grad course. Calling up that person you’ve been avoiding for who knows how long. Getting your taxes done. Spring cleaning happens for a reason: go ahead and spring clean your life so that you can make room for all of spring’s beautiful flowers.

Clean Out What Doesn’t Work

What’s not working in your life? What’s hanging around that you no longer have use for? Did you buy a treadmill years ago but discover you love biking instead? Is that treadmill now sitting around taking up precious space and collecting dust? A transition period like March is a fabulous time to take action. Do something. Sell it. Junk it. Get rid of it. Move on. This applies to the big stuff, too. For example, is there a relationship in your life that’s taking up space and collecting dust? Maybe it’s time to make it a memory instead of a white elephant in the room. Are you in a college program that you just don’t dig? It might be time to say (or at least consider saying) “Next” and explore your future goals in a new way.

Finish What You Started

Maybe you bought a treadmill and you didn’t find a love for biking. Instead, you’ve just been watching television and ignoring your health and fitness goals. March is an excellent time to finish what you started. Get on that treadmill you bought. Recommit yourself to goals and tackle obstacles with more determination than ever before. Take stock of the things in your life that you started but never got around to finishing – and just do it!

Make Room for What’s Next

Part of why we clean for spring’s arrival is to make room for all of the awesome things that happen in the warmer months. From camping to vacations to spending lots of time outdoors, we bring a whole bunch of good vibes and equipment into our homes in spring and summer. As you clean, junk stuff and finish that which you started so long ago, it’s helpful to keep in mind why you’re doing all of this. The end goal is to make room for what’s coming at you next. If ending that relationship that doesn’t work is hard, just remember that you are making room for a relationship that does work. If switching up college programs seems daunting, imagine how daunting it would feel if you ended up on a career path you couldn’t or didn’t want to navigate.

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
Embrace transition. Think of the work you must do now as a train ride: it takes you from point a to point b and there lots of great views going by all around you if you remember to look and appreciate them! Keep chugging along.

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
There sure is an ebb and flow to real estate, isn’t there? Sometimes a market will be booming, and sometimes it will take a dip. Sometimes you have tenants, sometimes you have a vacancy. Plan for the dips. Embrace them. Remember that, like the seasons, things come, go and then come back again. Instead of dwelling in those dips, take time to reevaluate. Look at your portfolio. Look at your team. What’s working? What’s not? Don’t be afraid to change things up.

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