lifestyle bloggingAnd… sometimes you break. Lifestyle design is all about living the life you want to live – not living a perfect one. It’s living right now – broken bones, broken hearts, broken promises and all. We are all broken. Some of us choose to focus on the that – some of us choose to innovate to move past that – whatever your particular ‘that’ is. What do you want to do? What do you want your life to look like in 5 years, 10 or 20? Do you want to stay broken and let it define you …. or, do you want to pick up the pieces – glue it back together, and create something totally amazing? Something like – oh – a snowboard bench out of a couple broken boards? Why wouldn’t you want to do that?!

Accept You’re Broken

Yup. You’re broken. We all are. At some point, sometime, you fell down and something broke. Whether it was a leg or a heart, you’re not the same person you were when you were born. Life has changed you – the same way the weather knocks down trees, causes avalanches to fall, or hosts earthquakes – life is weather – and you are the land. It’s going to affect you. Plain, simple truth.

Love That Your Broken

Instead of harping on how this or that happened to you – think this: my breaks, my imperfections, they make me who I am today. They’ve made things possible that wouldn’t have been otherwise. I can’t imagine who I would be without my cracks. I am like a tree. My rings say where I’ve been, what I’ve done, who I am, my age.

Be Whole Anyways

The last part of this is the most important, so take note and listen up. Just because you’ve got all these old scars, fractures, broken hears, failed businesses, lost friendships(you name it), that doesn’t mean you’re not whole. It just means you’re a whole lot more than perfect. You’ve seen failure and you’ve survived it. Your breaks, your broken parts – make you a much bigger, better, more personalized version of yourself. Consider it You – 2.0.

Key Takeaway For Everyone
When you focus on lifestyle design, don’t just focus on the perfect parts of life. Focus on what it is that makes you special – the perfect and the imperfect. Use what you have learned from hardship to try harder, live larger and enjoy more. When you get broken, find a way to make yourself into something even better, even newer.

Key Takeaway For Real Estate Investors
You win some, you lose some. Just because a deal goes south, doesn’t mean that one thing defines your career as an investor. What it means is that, like everything, real estate investing is imperfect and sometimes…. things happen. Pick yourself up and keep going. Don’t lose sight of why you invest!


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  • Russell Kingdom Investments, LLC

    Thank you for an excellent and very timely article. Words of motivation for anyone going through a rough patch or someone having a difficult time getting their real estate business off the ground.

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