real estate investing People always say, “Prepare yourselves: one day there will be a fork in the road.” They say, “you’ll need to make a decision you don’t want make.” They say, “Get ready.” We lifestyle designers say something different: we say this – every single day there is a fork in the road. Sometimes it’s a real fork, sometimes it’s a change in philosophical direction, sometimes it’s a different way to get to the same direction, sometimes you need to take a whole different direction completely. Either way, forks in the road happen. They happen more often than we are willing to say. As lifestyle designers, we need to embrace the daily fork. We need to learn to work around it. We need to practice acceptance – even embrace these so-called “obstacles” and make them feed us.

Identify Your Clear Choices

When there’s a fork in the road, that means you have two clear choices and you’ve got to make one. Why? You can’t walk straight into a fork! Instead of trying to take the choice that seems the easiest – stop and think. Is that choice really aligned with your goals? If it’s not – step back and take a second glance. What about the other path? What about that might just work better for you?

Forecast Potential Outcomes For Each Choice

When you have two choices you can make, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each possible outcome clearly. Whether it’s producing a film or jetting off to a vacation in Hawaii over the weekend, you need to fully understand what you’re taking on and know, even deeper, if you want that. Allow yourself to really feel what each choice would mean in your life – immediate and both long-term.

Make A Decision; Follow It

Once you’ve made your decision, pursue it with vigor. Go after what you want. Stop looking between the two choices: own your decision. Enjoy your choice. Explore it to the end (or, anyway, until another fork pops up).

Key Takeaway for Everyone:  Never ask what if. Never look back and think – what would have had happened had you only….life is too short for regrets – the biggest regrets are, almost always, the choices not taken. Don’t get stuck standing in the middle of a road – take a direction and run with it.

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors: Never ask what if.  Once you’ve made a decision to go ahead with a deal, or to turn away from one, don’t spend time looking back and thinking, “what could have been?”.

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