lifestyle-design-blog-photoIf life is a road trip, it’s time to slow down. Way down. Many of us live as though life is a race to the finish line and in doing so, we lose precious moments, weeks and even years to speeding. What is speeding, exactly? It’s rushing through the amazing smaller things that compose our lives in order to get to the “bigger” things. For example, if your goal is to climb Everest, you might spend years researching expeditions and gear – meanwhile there are some pretty amazing smaller mountains to take an axe to in your own local backyard. Don’t overlook the awesome things around you to get to the things that seem bigger.

Don’t Drive Too Fast

Are you racing down life’s highway at 100 or more miles per hour? Yikes. Time to rethink and collect. While you’re busy driving fast to get to your goals, you’re probably missing out on some pretty amazing points you could be racking up along the way. Say, for instance, you’re trying to reach your goal of financial freedom. If you focus solely upon obtaining that goal, you probably are missing the smaller goals you’re reaching along the way. For every property you purchase and ROI you maximize: pull over and celebrate. Enjoy a fine bottle of wine and order some delicious tiramisu for desert. Don’t race so fast to your goal that you miss out on everything else you achieve while getting there!

Roll Down the Windows

No need to race to your goals in a stuffy car. Roll down the windows and let the fresh air in. Be open to the amazing experiences that come your way while driving to your destination. Breathe. Enjoy. If you see something fabulous on the side of the road, by all means allow yourself the freedom to stop and check it out. If you encounter a traffic jam – from catching a cold to waiting on work that takes longer than it should – find a way to turn it into a positive. Focus on the good stuff that comes your way – from an amazing song on the radio to an incredible view you really should photograph!

Don’t Forget to Refuel

Sometimes, we all run out of gas. When we do, it’s important to fuel up and recharge so we can keep on going toward our ultimate destination. Even if you’re tempted to push it when your gas tank is clearly reading “empty”, don’t! Take a cue and take some time to get off the road – so that you can get the fuel you need to keep chugging along. So ask yourself: what does refueling mean to you? Is it booking a massage? Base jumping? Curling up with a great book? Whatever it does that makes you feel relaxed, be sure to do it when your gas meter – or your body – is telling you it’s time to recharge.

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
It’s great to set goals – it’s essential to our motivation, progress and success. Set goals often. Dream large. Don’t, however, push yourself so hard that you end up breaking down mid-trip. When you need to take a detour, take one. By slowing down, you’ll actually get to your goals – whatever they may be – faster than going full-throttle.  Don’t forget that the moments make up our lives just as much as our accomplishments!

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
As investors, we are used to setting big goals for ourselves – and there’s nothing wrong with dreaming big. When, however, things take longer than expected – take the time to take care of yourself. Don’t work harder and faster to make up for lost time. By taking the time to take care of yourself, you can come back to your investments and portfolio with a refreshed outlook and greater insights. Time away gives you a broader view and, a broader view gives you better returns because you can make better plays and anticipate the future with greater accuracy. So – take the time you need when you need it…your portfolio will thank you.

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  • Tony

    Cool blog! I am a beginning investor looking to purchase my first home. This article helped!! 🙂

    • Ali

      Great, glad to hear it Tony! Reach out anytime if you need any help.

  • Michelle

    Ali, Great post! Thank you for the reminders.

    • Ali

      You’re welcome, Michelle!

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