turnkey-investing-successYou’ve heard it all before: turn lemons into lemonade; learn from failure; strikeout before hitting a grand slam. Sure, that’s all well and good, but what’s wrong with rejoicing and reveling in our success? Nothing! In fact, doing so can keep you motivated and ensure you continue on your winning path. It’s no secret that the world of real estate is full of ups and downs, wild successes and gigantic failures. So, more so than other industries, your tenacity and positive attitude are of crucial importance to your longevity. Keeping that in mind, here’s a list of important ways to rejoice in your real estate success.

Rejoice in Good Leads!

Isn’t this putting the cart before the horse? Wrong! Having good, promising leads is cause for celebration. And, you know what? For the most part, they’re all usually good, promising leads! Many people in the field abide by the rule that if it’s a real person, it’s not a dead end lead. This is the truth. Feeling excitement and positivity about your chances always helps, and, more often than not, the person on the other end of the transaction — your lead — will pick up on your enthusiasm and positivity. Positive thinking is in right now, and you know why? It actually works, especially in people-oriented, communication-driven industries like real estate. People are intuitive; if something feels off, people are more likely to back away from a deal, and they should! Conversely, when people pick up on your spirited disposition, they’re going to feel more at ease and more willing to deal with you. So, rejoice!

Rejoice after Closing a Deal!

No matter what type of deal you’re doing, whether it’s buying for investment/cash flow or selling for profit, the waiting throughout the process is the worst part. I’ve known people who get down and out during the life of the transaction: they think things are going to fall through and they get discouraged. 9 times out of 10, though, they are wrong! Real estate is, by nature, a rocky business. Even the surest deals will hit snags along the way! And, you know what? The distress you experience during the transaction process gives you even more reason to rejoice when you seal the deal! So, don’t be shy: throw yourself a party, even if it’s as simple as getting together with a few friends at your favorite restaurant. Success needs to celebrated — you’ve worked hard for it!

Rejoice in the Future: it’s Unwritten!

I’ve known people who experience what can be likened to postpartum depression after a big sale. The excitement has waned, the party’s over, and they have to hit the bricks again. The old fear and doubt take hold. They ask themselves if the last sale was a fluke; they wonder if the market will decline. All this negative thinking will yield negative results! Remember that thinking is science and you sculpt your life for the positive or the negative. Yeah, I know: you’ve heard that hundreds of other places and possibly from dubious types trying to convince you of something. Guess what? It’s the truth! Thinking does matter, especially thinking about future success! Rejoice in the possibilities the future holds! You’ve had successful sales in the past; you will have them again in the future.

Key Takeaway

Rejoicing can happen in many stages of the game: the beginning, the end of a sale, and even during contemplation of the future. Thoughts are not material, sure, but they materialize very real things in your life! Rejoicing and celebrating your success and the possibility of success will never lead you down the wrong path!

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