Reinventing Life:Work BalanceThe 9-5 routine is quickly becoming a thing of the past. With the Internet and technology what it is today, people are working together across time zones and continents. One person’s 9-5 is another person’s happy hour. Punching into a time clock and “doing your time” seems so…outdated, and frankly: boring. Agree?

When you think ‘life/work’ balance, what do you see? The first, and major, portion of your day devoted entirely to work? Then you leave all that behind, get home, put on the tv, have some dinner and go to sleep to do it all the next day? Try imagining this instead: waking up, listening to Pandora, eating some oatmeal, responding to work emails in your jammies, and going for a long, peaceful jog. Get home. Do some more work. Change Pandora stations. Eat some lunch. More work. Take a break and devote some time to a personal hobby. And so on. Get the idea? Sounds…well…amazing, yes?

That is the new work/life balance thing. You don’t need to do it all at once. You can break it up. Make it more productive. Be less burned out. Come to your work refreshed. Restful. The benefits of working this way are countless. What if you happen to be, like so many of us are, stuck in a 9-5? What then? Well: you can do a few things here.

First, try talking to your boss. There are benefits to companies that offer their employees a greater work/life balance and flexibility. For companies that allow telecommuters, they get major carbon footprint creds. Tell your boss you want more freedom to be inspired, to let the creativity flow and your productivity increase. If you’re a nurse or in some profession where shift work is an absolute must, think about how you can enrich your time on the clock. Whether it’s a small thing that takes care of you, like a scented lotion, or devoting your lunch break to learning a new language, the point here is: think outside the box, and the time clock. Get creative. It’s your life, after all. Let yourself enjoy it!

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
Rethink the 9-5. Find more balance with you vs. professional you. Whether it’s a small change or something much bigger, start creating your work life the way you create your personal time. You have a lot more control than you realize. Exercise it!

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
If you’re an investor, or considering investing, there are a whole bunch of obvious benefits to your life/work balance. You can scout out new properties in your pajamas, french pressed coffee in hand. You can make calls from the intermission of a Broadway musical. You can find little ways to integrate work into your lifestyle. You have so much freedom as a real estate investor. If you’ve been doing the 9-5 thing like real estate investing is a traditional job, it might be time to rethink tradition.

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