cubicleDoes the movie “Office Space” ring way too close to home? Have you ever fantasized about beating a copy machine with a baseball bat? Are you bored? Are you over the 9-5 grind? 67 percent of millennials want to work for themselves; a large number, huh? Things are changing. One of the big reasons for this change in attitude toward how we work – and as a result, how we actually work – is that things have gotten a whole lot more flexible, thanks to the Internet. Now we can work from the beach, a coffee shop sipping an almond milk latte or while we’re knocking out some exercise at the gym. Fitting work into set boxed-off hours every day is quickly becoming outdated as processes, systems and ways of thinking evolve.

Are You Happy?

What do you do for work? Are you happy with it? If you’re not fantasizing about taking a baseball bat to your office equipment, well, that’s step one. But really: are you enjoying how you spend your work days or are you longing for more? Do you want more creativity, more agency, more flexibility? Do you find yourself staring out the window too often, too long, wondering, ‘what if’?

What If?

So, what if? What if you decided to strike it out on your own, and went all out? What would you do? Are there ways you can better monetize your talents and passions that don’t involve a 9-5? Are there steps you can take, such as going back to school or starting a side business in your spare time, that can prepare you to strike it out on your own when the time is right?

What Is Your Passion?

Is making money your passion? If that’s what you’re all about, great. Focus on the dollars and cents. If your passion is more adventure, experience, connecting, helping, accomplishing (or any combination thereof), you may want to figure out a way to focus on your true passions instead of just making money. The old adage “provide value and the money will follow” is often repeated for a reason: those who are happiest in what they do, who give the most – they get the most back.

Key Takeaway For Everyone
If you want to volunteer, you’ll still need to work. Is there a way to make money without devoting your entire life to that end? Clearly, Hipster believes real estate investing (when done right) is a proven vehicle for lifestyle design. There are other ways to make ‘passive’ income too: write ebooks, sell your ideas, invest in the stock market (though that doesn’t create cash-flow). What are some ideas you have for making passive income? Feel free to shout at us here or via social media.

Key Takeaway For Real Estate Investors
Are you working a 9-5 and investing? Do you want to invest more and work less? Or – are you a full-time investor who’s working way too much? Are you fixing toilets? Are you running credit checks yourself? Are you getting stood up by potential tenants? Yikes. Is there a way to delegate the small stuff so you  have more time to do the things you love – to work where you want to, when you want to – not when a tenant needs you (read: hire a property manager. The good ones are clutch).

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