how to be a great real estate investorAs real estate investors, we don’t need to be say be – Nordstrom – but – it is important to hold down a baseline of respect with your customers (tenants, vendors, property managers, agents, promoters, etc…).  Cultivating a culture of true respect and customer service will set you apart as a real estate investor – creating friendly, positive relationships with those with whom you do business is crucial to your success. You’ll get inside deals. Better rates. More diligent tenants. Property managers who work harder for you.

Real Estate Investors: Customer Service 101

Let’s face it – networking directly corresponds to your overall net worth. Agree? It’s true. When you network efficiently, you get inside info, a highly-regarded reputation, and – best of all – incredible referrals. Whether it’s your business partner or a tenant, pay attention to details. Listen – don’t react first. Stay positive. Always keep a professional demeanor – even under times of stress.

Stay In Touch With Your Customers

Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone or place an email from time to time to check in. You know how stores flood your email in-box with deals every morning? We’re so not saying that – but we are saying that it just makes financial sense to check in with your vendors, investors, providers, managers, etc from time to time. It’s a way to say “hey, remember me? I’m friendly and I’m here – what do you need from me?”

Two Words: Thank You

Simple enough – but not said nearly as much as they should be…. did you close a big sale? Did a vendor do a great job for you? Are your tenants diligent and pay on time every month? All that is great stuff, right? You can send a simple thank you note via email – or even better snail mail – or just pick up the phone and leave a friendly and grateful message.

Key Takeaway
When you pay attention to the details, and real estate investing success largely depends upon the details, you can grow the portfolio you really want to.  Don’t neglect good customer rapport and excellent customer service. Be a rock for your team: and say thank you from time to time…..

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