art of real estate investingSure, some of us invest our free cash in art. Some of us – blue chip stocks. Some of us? We like the thrill of being property owners (without the hassle). Being a real estate investor, much like being an artist, is thrilling. We create. We help others. We inspire. We change neighborhoods for the better. We see what others don’t – we see opportunity, and we seize it.

Beyond all that, it’s also a discipline (like any art form). We getter better through practice, through staying creative, through staying open and, of course, education. Through keeping up with your craft – and real estate investing is absolutely a craft – you can be assured success over time (what every artist wants)!

1. Artists Are Open To Multiple Revenue Sources

Artists don’t have to ‘starve’ – especially when they are open to multiple revenue streams. They can use their skills and leverage them as consultants, stylists, designers – you name it. As an investor, you too should be open to multiple revenue streams. Buy and hold rental investing is a powerful way to introduce more revenue into your bank account. Think like an artist – make money where you can.

2.Be Unique

Real estate investors come from all walks of life – but one thing they all have in common: they’re unique. They see ways to take advantage of opportunities others walk right on by. Just as an artist sees beauty in the common and everyday, you see money and opportunity in homes others might pass on because it’s not worth the hassle. They just don’t get it. Real estate investing is art, isn’t it?

3. Take Risks

Part of the beauty of real estate investing, and art, is taking risks. You don’t always know how a painting, or an investment, is going to come out. Risks are scary, sure – but think about what your life and your world would look like if nobody had ever taken any. No art. No restaurants. No Starbucks. No smartphones. Yikes. Learn, like an artist does, to be okay with a bit of risk – and of course always minimize your risk whenever possible (which is why we love turnkey real estate investing so much!).

Key Takeaway
As a real estate investor, you are an artist. Your work isn’t in photography, painting, sculpture or any other visual medium (maybe) – but that doesn’t matter. The definition of an artist is – one of them – is:  “a person whose work exhibits exceptional skill.” As investor, you have the artistry down pat. Agree? 

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