order-your-real-estate-investing As real estate investors, many of us are used to working early mornings and late nights. If you’re anything like us at Hipster, you probably drink a fair amount of coffee. Ah, coffee. We each have a certain way we like it. Cream. Sugar. Soy milk. Raw sugar. Agave syrup. Hemp milk. Coconut milk. Skim milk. Foamed. Decaf. Over ice. French Press. You name it. Luckily, the world today is full of some pretty neat coffee shops where you can get exactly what you want – you don’t have to do the work at home or buy the individual ingredients. Just leave it to the experts and simply enjoy. Turn-key real estate investing is like buying coffee…yes, really.

Know What You Want

If you want a blended coffee with all the bells and whistles, go to a coffee shop and don’t try to do it at home; if you want a turnkey property, go to a turnkey supplier.  We all have a preference when it comes to both real estate and coffee. Shaken. Stirred. Single family. Multi. Warranty. Tenants in place. Espresso. Having preferences is a good thing because you know what you want and what works for your lifestyle. Just as you wouldn’t waltz into a coffee shop and order an iced Americano when you prefer a double shot of espresso, don’t buy a single family when you are more into multi families. Don’t buy a fixer upper when your style is hands-off. Get what you want, not what someone wants to sell you!

Know Where To Buy It

Do you have a favorite coffee shop? We sure do. Just as we have favorite coffee shops where we go to buy the exact kind of coffee we want, it’s important that you deal with sellers you trust and who can give you the kinds of properties you are looking for. Because  both coffee and real estate investment are rather personal, it doesn’t make sense to go hopping around from one vendor to another when you’ve already found one that works for you. Find a team that works for you just as you found your favorite coffee shop!

Buy Only What You Want

Sometimes even our favorite coffee shops will try to up-sell us! Would we care for a holiday music compilation? A larger size? A shirt? Maybe we do – maybe we don’t. Be aware of what you’re willing to spend, what you want to get in return and what your limits are. Don’t overspend and buy everything in sight – including the kitchen sink. When you go into a deal with a budget that makes you comfortable, stick to your guns and simply say ‘no’ if the budget won’t work with yours.

Key Takeaway: Real estate investment has lots of options these days: don’t get overwhelmed. Remember that you are in control – the same as when you’re ordering up your favorite coffee. Don’t buy something you don’t like. Don’t buy something you can’t afford. Don’t buy something that requires you to put in work you’re not willing to do. Keep your properties as custom, easy and enjoyable as drinking a delicious cup of java from your favorite coffee shop!

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  • Dale

    Ordering your Real Estate like you order your coffee is a nice concept and if your delivery is as smooth as the picture that would be great. Also part of the menu should be financing…Many investors have not tapped into their IRA’s, 401k’s as leverage for Real Estate. for more info email daleloandr@gmail.com

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