real estate guru programs turnkey guru truth about programsIt’s a dirty one alright.

Are you ready for it?

They work.

What?!! Yep, I said it. The guru programs work. Despite people’s skepticism, despite the negative reviews online, and despite the cost of the programs, the guru programs actually do work…

…if you work them right.

Why Guru Programs Don’t Work for Most People

If I say they work, how come they don’t seem to or why do they get knocked so hard?

Because most people who go to them don’t work them right (hence my follow-up statement a minute ago).

How do they not work them right?

It can be any of the following, and maybe even some others I’m not thinking of:

  • They sign up for a guru program because of the false impression (or not false at all, depending on the marketing of the program) that their life can be transformed immediately once they know all of the information that will be presented in the program. Then after the program, they are ticked their lives haven’t changed and they write a bad review.
  • They go through the program and then feel like it didn’t solve all of their problems or give all of the answers, even if it did touch on some, and they just kind of give up thinking they didn’t get everything they needed and end up forgetting a lot of what they learned.
  • Especially relevant to real estate investing guru programs, they pick a niche they think fits them and will be fun and great, but the reality is it’s just not who they are. Wholesaling and flipping sounds amaaaazing to people and evvvvveryone wants to do it. So they think they can do too, they sign up for the guru program that teaches them how to do it, and boom they’re hosed (unless they’re in the minority that really have wholesaling or flipping in their blood).

Why No Guru Program Can Transform You Overnight

Let me explain a little bit about why success in general doesn’t happen overnight, much less a guru program. You know I love explaining in visuals!

flow chart

What people don’t realize, including the gurus themselves usually, is that a person doesn’t come up with one piece of winning advice out of nowhere.

That winning advice is founded on other ideas. That ‘one really cool piece of guru advice’ did not just one day jump up and smack the guru in the face. Well, actually it probably did, but not before the guru had learned several other key things that led up to it- we’ll call those pieces “misc info”.

In reality, there are way more than four pieces of misc info that leads to each big piece of advice.

How many? who knows.

The point is, amazing ideas don’t just come out of nowhere. And while piecing together several big pieces of advice to make something work, you won’t truly succeed or go that far without also having misc info under your belt.

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