Invest In A Calculator, Not A Guru

Hipster thinks real estate investment is the height of cool. Why? We approach investing as a way to connect with the things we love most - the things we really want to do. It's an amazing feeling - owning property, letting it appreciate it, and getting real cash-flow from your work. Turnkey real estate investing has legs that take you from where you to be to where you want to ...

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Why Long-Distance Relationships in Real Estate are a Good Idea

Long distance relationships get a bad rap. They’re complicated, messy and simply don’t work, right? When it comes to real estate, however, distance is a good thing. Why? Think about it in terms of farming. Real estate investors grow wealth; farmers grow food. Successful farmers usually live apart from their farms (even if it’s just half a mile down the road). Gardeners grow their greens in their ...

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What Snowboarding Can Teach Us About Real Estate Investing Strategy

It’s the right time of year for it, no? Well, for most parts of the country, it is definitely winter sports time—or at least winter sports temperature. Here in Los Angeles, not so much, as I was walking the beach in shorts and flip flops earlier. But my intent is not to rub in LA’s fantastic weather but rather to apply an analogy of winter season to ...

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4 Life-Changing Lessons My Real Estate Mentor Taught Me

There is no question about it—everyone in this industry needs a mentor. I can truly say that if I didn’t have the mentor that I do, I wouldn’t have made it this far—if not just for his teachings, but for his moral support during my freak outs. I’d say the latter has been the most important, but all the while, there is no reason to ...

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Invest in a Real Estate Fund rather than in Properties

Requirement: You have to be an accredited investor to invest in a real estate fund. Wonder what an accredited investor is? Reasons to consider investing in a real estate fund: Allows you to be diversified across a number of properties rather than placing all your capital into one project, which diversifies the riskOffers the financial benefits and returns of owning real estate without the direct responsibility of owning and operating ...

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The One Piece of Advice That Changed the Course of My Real Estate Career

It’s the holidays again — don’t they seem to keep coming around fast? I hope everyone has had a chance to connect with their family members and friends this past week, and most importantly, I hope everyone has had a chance to relax! I know I have. I’d barely be able to do any work right now if I tried — it seems that no one is available for ...

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BiggerPockets. I Need Your Ideas.

If you have never read the BiggerPockets website, you are missing out as an investor. BiggerPockets is awesome. They have a forum where you can post any question you have and the community can respond, they have awesome blogs that are incredibly educational and cover several aspects of real estate investing, and it's really a great way to explore the world of real estate investing. The best part? I got ...

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5 Risks of Buying Rental Properties in Declining Markets

You’ve probably heard that the key to real estate investing is “location, location, location.” This is true for all different aspects of a property’s location—the larger metro market it is located in, the specific area of town, and even the specific neighborhood. Some cities can literally vary street to street in terms of where is good to buy and where isn’t good to buy. The very ...

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