Real Estate Investors: Stop Buying Barry Manilow Albums Today

Strong statement, we know - but what else would you come to expect from Hipster Investments by now? Ok - if you really love Barry Manilow, don't be offended. He did, after all, croon the famous song "Mandy" as well as "Copacabana". It's true - at one time, Barry Manilow's tunes were where it was at. Um...the thing is - that was a super long time ago. Manilow, and ...

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Pay All Cash or Leverage a Property? An Amateur Analysis.

This article was originally posted at in October 2012. See the original post here. I was asked my opinion on whether someone should pay all cash for an investment property so they can borrow against it, or leverage it. I definitely don’t claim to be an expert, but based on my calculations and experience, I think leverage is the way to go every time. Two main reasons: 1. Your ...

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To Partner or Not to Partner…That is the Question!

Inevitably if you’ve been around real estate investing for very long, you’ve heard about the potential of partnering with other people for investment deals. Partnering can introduce considerable benefits to an investment deal. However, it can also introduce considerable headaches. There is nothing wrong with partnering, but just be smart about your decision to do it! When to Use An Investment Partner Whether you should use an investment ...

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Are Turnkeys as Simple and Profitable as Everyone Claims?

I recently got a really smart question over on BiggerPockets from Matt Van Parys about buying and owning a turnkey rental property. I was really impressed with it and thought it might help some of you out there who want to build passive income through real estate investing. Here is the question: I was just curious about what to expect from a turnkey company. Is it going to be as "...

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Where I am Today.

I think it's about that time to explain how in the world I got to where I am today, which is out of corporate, starting my own company, and huge into real estate investing. I say that last part because, believe me, real estate was never on my radar for what I would be doing as a career. I knew I would own real estate investments because it's one of ...

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Warning: The Market You Should Be Buying in Has CHANGED!

Did you know that the dynamics of markets (a.k.a. cities) for real estate investing changes? They change all the time actually. One year there may be a market that everyone is buying in, like an investor feeding frenzy, but that market will change, guaranteed. Especially if it experienced an investor feeding frenzy. If you are already trying to tie what I’m saying to your situation and it’...

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The Ebb & Flow of Real Estate

You know the expression, “Go with the flow”? It means not resisting what is. It means going with what works. Moving in the direction in which everything else is moving. Why? You are more successful this way. You encounter less resistance - and to use another saying, “resistance is futile”. Agree? Yeah. Going with the flow tends to work out better. In real estate, there is an ebb and flow ...

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4 Steps to Ensure You’re NOT Getting Duped by a Turnkey Provider

How many of us, especially as we first start getting into real estate investing, are concerned we are getting duped? I’d venture to say quite a few! I know I did when I started out. I was certain every dude in a suit was out to take me for everything I was worth. Luckily, I happened to meet people I really valued and ended up being able to trust, ...

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Nicaragua in the News!

If you've seen my website and my posts, you probably know I'm a huge advocate of investing in Nicaragua. I've bought there myself, and even since then I have connected with another amazing development that investors are eating up. I go to the country at least four times a year, I love it every time, and every time I go I think again about moving there. It may still happen! ...

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