Are Turnkeys Too Good To Be True? And 4 More Popular Turnkey Questions Answered

Get Access To Our Latest Turnkey Investment Property Deals Right Here Turnkey properties are popping up everywhere lately - and no wonder, since they make it easy for ordinary people to get involved in real estate investing. Even if you don’t have the skill, knowledge, or time to start the sometimes laborious process of acquiring a rental property, you can still enjoy the benefits of a passive income property. ...

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Investing in Your Future

What does investing mean? First and foremost - it means planning for your future by making smart financial decisions now. When you put your money, or assets, into something you hope will pay off in the future - you are both expressing optimism and thinking about your lifestyle. You want the cash-flow and ease that comes along with a successful investment, right? It’s a good thing! Another definition of ...

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A Personal Rant: I Can’t Stand Working with Contractors!

Yep, I said it. I absolutely, in no way, enjoy working with contractors who do work on my house! I understand that a lot of you do, and that is totally fine. I can see the appeal and where it could be fun to rehab or fix up a property that you’ve bought, but personally, I can’t stand it. A lot of real estate investing revolves around fixing ...

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Due Diligence on a Turnkey Property

Buying a turnkey investment property is a very straight-forward process, but that doesn’t mean you should let any due diligence slide. Or, if you’re like some and leery about turnkey providers, there are simple things you can do to hopefully make yourself feel better about going forward with a purchase. I have no idea how long the concept of turnkeys has been around, but I believe it is ...

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3 Types of Investors Who Might Benefit From Owning Turnkey Rentals

Guess what? Turnkeys aren’t for everyone. But guess what else? They are perfect for some people. There is much debate about whether or not buying a turnkey rental property is a smart investment. The primary argument that comes up against turnkeys is that they are sold more or less at market value, so you can’t force appreciation on them, and being able to do that is the crux ...

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Common Turnkey Rental Misconceptions & Solutions

I’ve been in and around turnkey rental properties for seven years now. It’s actually unbelievable when I think about it, because it seems like just yesterday I was sitting at my corporate engineering job secretly reading Rich Dad Poor Dad under my desk. I was just like everyone else who started with that book—I had no idea what I was going to get into with real estate ...

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Calling all Surfers! (yes, to Nicaragua)

I’ll admit, I’m not usually an investor who is focused on lifestyle investing. To be clear, “real estate investors” are typically in a deal for the money only. “Lifestyle investors” are investors who are thinking more about a second home, somewhere to retire, or some where they would want to live… while also making a return on their money in some way. Be sure not to confuse lifestyle ...

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