Put a New Fulter on Your LifeOnce upon a time – way back when (say, the 1980’s), taking photographs was a whole lot more simple. The point and shoot camera had taken over the market and collectively, everyone marveled at the simplicity and resolution. Fast forward to today, and taking photos has become revolutionized. Whereas maybe once, you waited for a party to show off your awesome pics, now you can post play-by-play photos of virtually everything you do on a daily basis.

What’s more? You can be a filter on all of it to add in some extra awesome. Lifestyle designers, take a cue: you can put a filter on your life to kick things up several notches.

So – what is a filter, anyway? It’s something that changes an image from its original state to a new one. For example, with your smartphone at your side, you can now transform photos into black and white works of art, retro-styled glimpses of the past, heat mapped futuristic ones and so, so much more.

Why put a filter on your life? It’s simple. When you get stuck looking at things one way all of the time, you’re probably going to miss some amazing things. Maybe your focus is all wrong and it takes putting a new filter on things to really be able to see that. Maybe you just need a pop of color here and there to make your life pop. Putting a filter on your life is all about changing your perspective on things. It’s easy enough to do – and it’s also powerful.

Here’s a simple way to break into the idea of putting a filter on things:

1. Look Around the Room You Are In Right Now

Observe what you see. Really be in the moment. Maybe you see a window – a curtain? A white wall? What do you hear? Cars in the street? The low hum of an air conditioner? That’s your ‘normal’ photo.

2. Close Your Eyes and Think of a Filter

So, on Instagram – there are filters like retro, sepia, monotone and so many more. In life, there are filters like – grateful, blessed, lucky, happy, wealthy, and successful. Pick one of these filters to apply to the room you just observed. For example, if you chose successful, think of how the things you observed in the room reflect success. Is the fact that you can afford air conditioning reflective of a certain layer of success? Are the curtains hanging nicely? Think of how the objects in the room dance with the idea of success.

3.Try it Out

Open your eyes and think success. Now, see it. Look for success in everything you gaze upon. Don’t allow negative thoughts to come busting in. Your goal is simple: to see success around you.

It’s a simple but powerful exercise. Putting positive filters on the life you live can shift your perspective and impact your future. Try it out enough until it becomes a habit. Eventually the filters you choose will become ‘normal’.

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
Sometimes we all need a swift kick in the rear to see things differently. Applying a new filter to the way you see your life can do just that!

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
Not as thrilled as you want to be with your progress, cashflow or investments? Maybe your standards are a little bit unrealistic. Try looking at your investments and career with a new filter – such as ‘bountiful’, ‘wealthy’, ‘blessed’, ‘growing’, ‘freedom’, etc.

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