22418 Gascony Ave. Eastpointe, MI


Rent: $1500/mo
Single Family Home

Property Type


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Cap Rate




Sq. Footage



Monthly Cash-Flow*

After Mortgage
$ 0
Without Mortgage
$ 0

2-car garage, 1000 sq ft

Eastpointe, MI offers relatively affordable real estate compared to neighboring areas, making it an attractive option for first-time investors or those looking for budget-friendly opportunities.

Steady Appreciation: Historically, Eastpointe has experienced steady property appreciation. This can setup investors with potentially long-term capital gains as property values continue to rise

Proximity to Employment Centers: Eastpointe’s proximity to Detroit can be a major advantage. As Detroit experiences revitalization and economic growth, the positive impact often extends to surrounding areas, including Eastpointe. Investors may benefit from the economic opportunities and increased demand for housing in the region

Strong Rental Market: The area’s affordability and demand for rental properties can create favorable conditions for investors seeking rental income

Note: Mortgage interest rates change daily and this estimate may not be reflective of the rate you are quoted. Please ensure you run the numbers at your quoted rate to ensure accurate cash flow.

Note: Maintenance and vacancy estimates are not taken out of your monthly distribution. They are simply estimates to account for realistic expenses you will run into along the way so you can have a more accurate estimated return.

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