passion and real estate investingWe all want to contribute to our worlds in a way that is meaningful – and we want to meaningfully spend our time (and our money). This week’s question is this: how do you finance your lifestyle? Does your cashflow come from meaningful work that enhances your lifes? Do you get enough money to do the things you love? Do you have a work/life balance that works for you?

Are you living and working your passion? Is there a different way to live and work so that you are? What are the barriers – and how can you break them down? Hipster believes you can monetize your passion and fund your dreams – (we like real estate investment, of course) – once you identify your talents and map out what you want to do.

Identify: Your Passions

What makes your heart bungee jump? What makes your spirit ski? Hipster urges you to sit down and sort it out (or go for a jog, or a massage, or pick your poison). Think micro: what do you love (or at least like) about your current position? What do you love about any volunteer work you do – or work for family and friends? Painting houses? Design? Sales? Communicating? Writing? Think macro, too: do you love the feeling of snowboarding down a mountain – the power and the freedom that comes with it? Do you love traveling to a new country and discovering the new land? Do you thrive in the routine, and find joy in the safety of your world?

Identify: Your Talents

Now that you have an idea of what your passions are, it’s time to identify your talents. Could you sell ice to an eskimo? Are you an amazing visual artist? Do you write fantastic letters? Are you a trend setter within your circle of friends? Are you amazing at coming up with ways of doing things that save time and money? Are you a whiz at building furniture? Do you coach others to find success and weed out obstacles?

Identify: Ways To Monetize Your Passions and Dreams

Don’t quit your day job – yet. Do, however, start finding ways to monetize your passion and dreams. A seed planted takes a while to germinate – but when it does, it’s rewarding to even the most seasoned of gardeners. Could you paint pet portraits? Work for a few advertising companies on the side? Take steps to become a life coach? Build furniture? Or – maybe, invest in real estate (it’s something of a renaissance job that requires a whole lot of different talents and passions, to us).

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
Don’t be happy with the status quo if you’re not happy with your work. Life is short and it’s meant to be loved and consumed exuberantly (like champagne on New Year’s Eve). If you’re not doing what you love for work, start working on doing things you really do love.

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
Investing requires a lot of passion: for the work, for lifestyle. When you’re in a slump, and need inspiration – remember what it is about investing that inspires you. Spark the fires of your passion, and reflect upon why, exactly, you are passionate about investing in real estate. Whether it’s the money, the freedom or the achievement, take time to recognize the good stuff!

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